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26 Signs Your Guy Friend Might Be Trying to Bust Out of The Friend Zone

26 Signs Your Guy Friend Might Be Trying to Bust Out of The Friend Zone

You've never really thought about him "that way" (or maybe you have), but you can't deny that your guy friend has been acting a little weird lately. Maybe he's suddenly way nervous around you—or way nice. Maybe you have a secret crush on him too—or maybe he's the last person you would date. Either way, here are some signs that he could be trying to twerk his way out of the "friend zone" and into a dating situation with you:

1. He compliments you. ALL. The. Time. Even when you know your bangs are having an "off" day.

2. You look up every once in awhile and homeboy is straight staring at you with a puppy dog face.

3. If you forget to hug him when saying hello or goodbye, he makes a huge deal about it until you hug him—and then the hug lasts a really long time.

4. He always carries stuff for you: textbooks, sports equipment, your phone while you're rummaging through your bag, and your bag while you're rummaging through your locker.

5. He teases you mercilessly. It's like first grade.

6. He wants to watch WWE. You want to watch Pretty Little Liars. Somehow you end up watching Pretty Little Liars.

7. He's stopped inviting you to hang out in groupsit's just quality you and him time.

8. He offers to give you a ride to and from everything.

9. He's taken to blasting Bruno Mars and heartbreakingly singing along to it every time you're around.

10 When you walk up to him and his guy friends, it suddenly gets reaaally quiet.

11. He "Likes" everything you post literally three seconds after you post it.

12. You never used to have awkward moments. Now there are awkward moments (i.e. "whoops!" touches, random silences while looking into each eyes for too long, etc. etc.).

13. He tells you that you smell good in a genuine, non-creepy way.

14. He has canceled plans to do something with you instead.

15. He buys you gifts for "NO REASON".

16. He always does super random things to try and impress you: skateboard tricks, the Cup song, rapping, Adventure Time quotes, etc.

17. He's either really nervous around your parents, or always sucking up to them.

18. When you say he's "like a brother" to you, he looks like he's about to throw up and punch the wall at the same time.

19. He seems to be dressing up every time he sees you: bow ties, colognes, snazzy socks, etc.

20. He's on some weird quest to send you a link to every cat video on the Internet because he knows how much you like cat videos.

21. He rolls his eyes and glazes over every time you talk about how cute Justin Bieber/any member of One Direction/Drake is.

22. He tried to hold your hand the other day and it has freaked you out (either good or bad) ever since.

23. His profile pics or phone background is frequently a pic of the two of you together—or sometimes just you, now that you think about it.

24. He acts like a total doofus around everyone else, but turns into a Disney prince when he's with you.

25. There's an article open on his computer: a Wikihow for "How to Escape the Friend Zone."

26. He's been "joking" around a lot lately about the two of you dating, but it's less LOL and more SRSLY.

 Is your pal trying to de-friend zone you?!







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