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5 Book-Inspired Fall Shows We Can't Wait to Watch

5 Book-Inspired Fall Shows We Can't Wait to Watch

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We hope Hollywood and the TV industry never stop stealing from literature to dream up shows. For every total misfire ($#*! My Dad Says), there's a creative slam-dunk (True Blood). And for every straight ahead adaptation, there's an insane, what-were-they-thinking reimagining...that just might defy the odds and turn out to be awesome. Here are five upcoming book-based shows we can't wait to check out:

Dracula. WHAT EVEN IS HAPPENING IN THIS TRAILER. So it's jumping through time, but how many times? Is Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who never seems to age, an actual Dracula? Ooh, so is he a steampunk entrepreneur now? Why would a guy who lives on human blood want to draw so much attention to himself? So many questions, only 10 episodes. Tune in October 25 to see which get answered.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Judging by the trailer, this Once Upon a Time spinoff will leave Storybrooke completely behind. The show finds Alice fresh off her adventures in Wonderland—including a sexy genie subplot we don't recall from the original book—and trapped in an insane asylum. Institutionalizing a difficult female was par for the course among the upper crust of an earlier era, and it's ripe for creepy drama. We can't wait to see Alice's "delusions" being proved real...though the scene where she's busted out by a CGI'ed White Rabbit is pretty painful.

Sleepy Hollow. Here's where some caffeinated screenwriter threw a bunch of plot points, literary references, and stock characters into a blender, laughed a maniacal laugh, and hit purée. Ready? Let's go: Ichabod Crane, inexplicably transformed from a cowardly scarecrow into a strapping military hottie, has been lying asleep for 250 years. He wakes up in the present day, and not a minute too late: the Headless Horseman is BACK...and it turns out he's one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse! Also: witches, the founding fathers, a really important Bible. Naturally, Crane pairs up with a straight-shooting female officer to take the Horseman down—let's just make this one a buddy cop comedy all of a sudden, why not? This trailer is insane. But wouldn't it be cool if the show somehow worked? (Hands up if you're betting the trailer used the tagline "Heads will roll." Because it SO WENT THERE.)

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We no longer have to wait till summer to get our Marvel fix! Magnificently mild Agent Coulson is back from the dead, and heading up S.H.I.E.L.D., an organization of ordinary heroes who work to protect "the ordinary (humans) from the extraordinary (super-powered villains)." We'll definitely be tuning in for all the Joss Whedon-ish snark, heroic heroes, villainous villains, and 'splosions we can handle, starting September 25.

The 100. Ohhh, we are so excited for this one, which starts out a little bit "stop me if you've heard this one before," and ends up in a place of "HOLY CRAP WHY HAS NOBODY DONE THIS YET." Ahem: Years ago, the earth was rendered uninhabitable by a nuclear apocalypse. Over the three generations since, all survivors have been living on  space stations far above the planet—but the time has come to figure out whether earth is once again fit to support human life. Instead of sending down a team of trained professionals to test the waters, 100 delinquent teens (i.e., expendables) are sent down in their place, and what they find on earth is a mix of heaven, hell, and unsupervised sexy-teen mayhem. (Also, at 2:59: HI, DESMOND!) The show is based on Kass Morgan's newly released book of the same title.

What fall show are you most excited about?

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