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Your Fill-in-the-Blank Homecoming Court Acceptance Speech

Your Fill-in-the-Blank Homecoming Court Acceptance Speech

So the stars have aligned, Hell has frozen over, your horoscope was right, that sexting scandal disqualified the usual suspects, and you have been nominated for your school's Homecoming Court. You are probably psyched. Until you realize that if you win, you will be expected to orate. Don't fret, future kings and queens, we have you covered with this fill-in-the-blank acceptance speech.

1. Adjective
2. Plural noun
3. Plural noun
4. Abstract noun
5. Adjective
6. Profession
7. Noun
8. Noun
9. Body part
10. Noun
11. Noun
12. Verb
13. Number
14. Adjective
15. Event
16. Name of someone you know
17. Noun
18. Plural noun
19. Adjective
20. Noun
21. Verb
22. Noun
23. Noun
24. Abstract noun
25. Unit of time (plural)
26. Number
27. Abstract noun
28. Abstract noun
29. Plural noun
30. Same plural noun
31. Noun
32. Profession
33. Noun
34. Same noun
35. Adjective
36. Noun
37. Profession from (6)
38. Profession from (6)
39. Your team name/mascot

My ___(1)____ subjects and fellow ___(2)____,

I am at a loss for ____(3)____. I hearby accept with ___(4)____ your most ____(5)____ election as this year's Homecoming ____(6)_____. I thank you for your ____(7)____ and commend you for your ____(8)____. Your nomination warmed my ____(9)_____. However, I take it not as a compliment to myself, but as an expression of your dedication to ____(10)____and ____(11)____, in which you know I ___(12)____ and to which I have committed the last ___(13)___ years of my high school career.

To be quite ____(14)___, after last year's ___(15)____, I was afraid of the direction in which the Homecoming Court was headed. (____(16)_____? Really? That guy/girl? Has no one ever noticed s/he smells like ____(17)_____? ) But today I look out over this sea of ____(18)_____ and feel ____(19)____. Because I have a dream, a dream that one day this ___(20)_____ will rise up and live up to its creed: Never ___(21)_____ a ____(22)____ in the _____(23)_____. And I believe it is self-evident that this day shall live in _____(24)_____.

Four __(25)____ and __(26)____ years ago, this Court was founded on the principles of ___(27)____ and ____(28)_____, an institution for the ___(29)_____ and by the ___(30)____.  As I stand before you today and accept this ___(31)______, which I assure you will weigh heavy on my head, I am reminded of the words of our dear ____(32)_____: "Ask not what your ____(33)____ can do for you, but what you can do for your ___(34)______." And with that message ringing in our ears, we can say, loud and __(35)____, "Ich bin ein ___(36)_____!"

The ___(37)___is dead; long live the ___(38)_____! Go ____(39)____! Frrrreeeeeeeeedommmm!

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