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"Worst Twerk Fail EVER-Girl Catches Fire" Was a Prank!!!

"Worst Twerk Fail EVER-Girl Catches Fire" Was a Prank!!!

Ah! Last week's crazy viral video "Worst Twerk Fail EVER - Girl Catches Fire!" was a hoax! We've been pranked by Jimmy Kimmel, my friends. Kimmel revealed last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live that they staged the whole thing but left its popularity and viral fate to the whimsies of the Internet, saying "We didn't send it to any TV station, we didn't tweet it. We just put it on YouTube and let the magic happen."

The video starts with "Caitlin Heller" making a twerk vid for her bf and ends with her yoga pants on fire. Turns out Heller is actually a professional stuntwoman named Daphne Avalon. The video got over 9 million views in six days and lead to a flurry of local news stations warning about the dangers of twerking. Bahahahahahaha. Glad she's safe! But seriously, watch those candles when busting a move, okay Sparklers?

[via ABC News]

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