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Things We Loved and Hated About Middle School

Things We Loved and Hated About Middle School

Middle school is typically host of the most awkward of Awkward Years. Fortunately, middle school is also the host of tons of sleepovers, sports, and silly jokes with your friends. While we have no desire to go back, there were lots of good things about those few years in between childhood and teenagerdom.

And lots of terrible things. Like, we could for sure go without that conversation our parents had with us that started, "Maybe it's time to start wearing deodorant, kiddo."

The Good

  • Sleepovers and prank calls.
  • Passing notes to your best friends.
  • Truth or dare (er, most of the time).
  • A life slightly less complicated by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Parents paying for everything.
  • Going to camp (religious, artsy, weight-related, or otherwise).
  • The opposite sex was so exciting and alluring! Despite the fact that everyone was pretty much hideous. Like, Cute Brandan for sure had a bowl cut.
  • Growing's pretty cool.
  • Lots of extra-curriculars with no pressure. It was okay to be a bad soccer player, bad flute player, or bad dancer. Parents and teachers encouraged you anyway!
  • Experimenting with makeup and not caring/realizing about how ridiculous you looked.
  • Braces weren't cool, but getting different colors for your brackets or rubber bands? So sweet. We would get them to match our crush's winter jacket. (Lame, we know.)

The Bad

  • Shopping in the kids' section.
  • Braces.
  • And orthodontist appointments.
  • Being in that half-puberty stage: only one boob was coming in (for girls) or really fun and unpredictable pants stuff (for boys).
  • Speaking of pants stuff, not knowing when, or ever, you were going to get your first period, and fretting over the possibility of it happening in some horrifying, public way.
  • Changing in gym class.
  • Mean girls. Girls are so mean in middle school!
  • Everyone's parents having different standards. "But Mo-ommmm, Haley's parents let her have boy-girl parties all the tiii-iimmmme." (Syllables are also longer when you're a pre-teen.)
  • Booster shots and other, seemingly random, vaccinations.
  • Sex talks from adults. DO NOT WANT.
  • Being in "relationships" with your classmates that include: talking on the phone every night, sometimes getting to go to a movie (driven by your parents, natch).
  • Said relationships beginning with the romantic question, "Will you go out with me?" Not that you guys are going to go outside or go anywhere together, ever.
  • And the awkward slow dancing you would do at the ~3 school dances each year.
  • Which you would only do after crossing the forbidden boy-girl segregation barrier present at each dance.
  • Being scared of the "bad" kids who, like, used swear words and once smelled like a cigarette.
  • Being scared of pretty much all older teenagers, because you knew they could tell you were not cool.

What were your favorite and least favorite parts of middle school? If you could go back in time, would you?

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