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We Know You Want It: ARTIST WARS!

We Know You Want It: ARTIST WARS!

Dear Sparklers,

I’m Phil LT, the SparkNotes graphic designer. I specialize in coming up with new looks for the entire site... some of which may have driven you nuts in the past. I assure you that my next project—Artist Wars—is going to drive you nuts in a good way: After reading your posts and comments about an artistic version of Writer Wars, I've created a space where you can submit your own original artwork and see it in a live slideshow on SparkLife! The mission is simple: you submit artwork on a given theme to with the subject line ARTIST WARS, and I’ll post it in a slideshow with constructive feedback, and a list of my favorites.

This week’s theme is fan art. Yes, this is as open ended as it sounds. Whatever medium you choose is fine—you may draw, paint, sculpt, design, or build anything that shows your passion for a character, book, movie, TV show, comic, whatever, that inspires and entertains you. The deadline is one week from today—THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12.

I look forward to seeing what awesome stuff you guys come up with!

Good luck,
Phil LT

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