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Hobbies You May or May Not Want to Try

Hobbies You May or May Not Want to Try

Hobbies are an excellent way to step away from your busy life and enjoy a little "me time." Maybe you’re a collector, or perhaps your hobby involves shaking your fist at the sky. One rule we're making right now is that an activity loses hobby status once a smart phone is introduced. (Fruit Ninja is NOT a hobby, unless you are an actual ninja...who enjoys slashing actual fruit.) Now you must deal with the looming decision of which hobby to choose. Not all hobbies are for everyone! If you say hobby repeatedly it becomes a really funny word...what was I saying? Here are some viable options for you hobby-craving sparklers, along with signs that it may be advisable to find a new hobby. HOBBY.

Dollhouse building. Widely considered a female hobby, dollhouses (call them "Action Arenas" if you must, bro) are a delicate and beautiful art form for girls and dudes alike. These architectural masterpieces don’t require any actual dolls to be enjoyed, but if you discover a tiny family living in your mini Victorian abode and can’t recall having purchased them, you may want to take a break in the real world, talking to real humans, before you proceed. We suggest placing your masterpiece in the attic of your actual home, where its accidental discovery by your future grandchildren will one day lead to the perfect plot for a scary movie.

Model Airplanes. Whether you're crafting small inoperable plastic planes, or large remote-controlled flying machines, the key to building model airplanes is extreme patience. If after a year your workshop consists of several piles of splintered balsa wood, the stench of frustration, and no completed airplanes, it's time to turn in your wings and try boxing.

Boxing. Do sports count as hobbies? Maybe not, but they sure are a great way to take your mind off whatever it is that drove you to picking up a hobby! If your boxing nickname at school is “The Punching Bag” (and your school's athletics program doesn’t have the funds to purchase an actual punching bag), you should consider throwing in the (sweaty) towel.

Rocketry. It’s super fun to test the laws of physics with these high-powered projectiles. Pack your rocket full of failed model airplane wreckage, or send the creepy dollhouse family on a surprise sky-diving trip.

Bird Watching. This may not be the most thrilling activity ever, unless you call it Avian Action Observation, but observing the actions of avians is quite fascinating. If you notice your friends' eyes glazing over as you recount the amazing tale of your blue-footed booby sighting (or maybe it was just a sparrow), you'd better move on.

Drawing. Expressing yourself through art is one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have. There's just something so comforting about a family of freshly sharpened pencils accompanied by a stone-gray kneaded eraser. Everyone loves your cute little drawings of bears, but only you will know that those bears are actually dogs. “DOGS!! See the fluffy tail?! Bears don’t have tails (wait, do they?)! Whyyyyyyyyyy!!!” Don’t give up, Sparklers! Forget the haters.

What's your favorite hobby?

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