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12 Reasons Fall is Fun, Even Though You're Back in School

12 Reasons Fall is Fun, Even Though You're Back in School

Falling back into your old routine can be daunting when summer ends. You have to haul your butt back onto the school bus, where you're guaranteed a seat next to the girl who everyone knows flatulates the entire ride, meet terrible 24-hour deadlines, and convince someone to take you to homecoming. But fall isn’t all punishment after a leisure-filled season—it’s actually our favorite time of year! Here’s why:

TV shows come back in full force: Yes, we know all you nerds enjoyed your beach reads while sunning, but when it comes down to it, can you truly really think of anything better than watching The Mindy Project while stuffing your face with popcorn?

Fall flavors: Better yet, while watching that killer TV lineup, why not munch on some of fall’s finest foods, such as candy corn, pumpkin pie, or apple donuts? And don’t forget, you can drink yourself into fall by ordering virtually any drink made pumpkin spicy at any coffee shop on the planet.

New stuff: Colorful school supplies, white shoes just waiting for a little mud-love, the perfect pair of Gap skinny jeans—whoever said material goods can’t make you happy has clearly never had a little back-to-school shopping action. When else are your parents going to agree to give you some new crap when it's not your birthday?

Thanksgiving's coming up: Head to the attic and get out your mom’s old maternity pants. Apple pie overdose incomiiiing!

Layers are back: Bust out those cardigans, and put on your confidence pants. Pull that sweater over your head, and remember no one has to see you in a swimsuit for a year. HOORAY!

Fall festivals: Relive your favorite childhood memories and head out to a pumpkin patch or the old apple orchard, and get ready to take in….

The beautiful foliage: You don’t have to be an aspiring artist to enjoy the gorgeous palette of gold, red, orange, and yellow. A fall picnic is one way to take in the scenery—if nothing else, it’s a chance to rejoice in the fact that you can eat food outside without getting attacked by a bunch of bees.

Football: It might not be your thing, but going to a school football game can be one good way to meet other people...and try and convince one of them to take you to homecoming. If you’re not into contact sports, you can take solace in the fact that everyone will leave you alone on Friday nights. Time for a pumpkin spice–scented bubble bath, perhaps?

NaNo: In November, National Novel Writing Month kicks off—we have a feeling you already know,  and have created in-depth character charts plotting your latest writing endeavor. There’s just something about the crisp fall air that makes you feel like you can do anything, including write the next Harry Potter. Hold on to this energy while it lasts—it tends to dissipate completely by finals, when you just want to lie in the fetal position.

Yoga pants: Good news! They're now a totally acceptable form of clothing, since it’s not 90 degrees out.

Disguises: Make a full comeback at the end of October. If you spent the summer playing Candy Crush in the bathroom, dreaming about dressing up as that awe-inspiring Sprinkle donut, your greatest fantasy is about be realized. Get after it.

Opportunity: is everywhere. You can try out for any team, found your school’s “Rolly Polly” conservation effort, and completely reinvent yourself this semester. A new school year is a new beginning...though some of your classmates will never forget that time you peed on the reading carpet in second grade. Get over it, guys!

What's your favorite thing about fall?

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