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Now Put Your Hands Up! It's Beyonce's Birthday!

Now Put Your Hands Up! It's Beyonce's Birthday!

It’s time to celebrate Queen Bey’s greatest triumphs! Let's remember all her run-the-world moments.
1. That time she let everyone see how freaking cute she was on her 25th birthday celebration on Ellen. "Baby, baby, don't make me mad." We die.

2. When she let Taylor Swift have her moment at the 2009 VMAs. Also, check out baby Swifty. Awwwww.

3. Can you remember a time before “Single Ladies”? Neither can we.

4. When her Destiny's Child song “Bootylicious” was so popular that it was made into a real word in the dictionary.

5. When she SHUT IT DOWN at the 2013 Super Bowl. You remember that blackout right?

6. That time she won ALLLL THE GRAAAAMMMYS!!!!!!!!!!! (She’s the third most honored woman in the award’s history and currently tied with Dolly Parton.)

7. The times she dressed up as a bumble bee, Spiderman, and a Boy Scout. Girl knows how to rock a costume.

8. When she got secretly married to the love of her life, rapper-mogul Jay-Z.

9. When she gave birth to baby royalty, Blue Ivy Carter.

10. Not to mention… the way she announced her pregnancy on the 2011 VMAs. That’s how you do a good VMA performance, people. In case you’re wondering.

10. The time she did a video with the KID FREAKIN’ PRESIDENT. BEYOND CUTE!! Even better, BEYON-CE CUTE.

11. Beyonce’s surprises! Especially when she snuck up on fans in Target and showed up during a gym class workout for kids in Harlem.

12. When she rocked the national anthem at the President’s inauguration for his second term this year. (Then, when she shook off haters about the lip syncing controversy.)

13. When she let fans see her process on YouTube in “Year of 4.”

14. When she sent off Oprah with a performance of “Run The World (Girls).”

15. All the times she gives back!

16. All the times she inspired girl power, friendship, perseverance, and LOVE.

We love you Mrs. Carter!

What Bey moments did we miss?

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