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The Friday Awards: Featuring Benedict Cumberbatch!

The Friday Awards: Featuring Benedict Cumberbatch!

Dearest Sparklers, it is Friday once again! And Friday-time is Friday Award-time, which is, hands down, the best time. Nothing gives us fuzzier feelings than recognizing the latent and blatant amazingness of you all, you faithful denizens of this corner of the interwebs. Let’s dive right in!

tophfan wins the You've Got Us There award for this comment on our post about reasons NOT to be nostalgic for childhood:

Yes, but those enforced nap times. *sighs dreamily* If only...

You never know whatcha got till it’s gone, am I right? I’m pretty sure that everyone who doesn’t have the option of naptime secretly or not-so-secretly longs for it.

clarinets-are-awesome wins the Award? What Award? This Is Totally Not An Award! award for this comment on our post asking whether or not ya’ll are ready to go back to school:

I am not in denial. I simply refuse to believe that school has started. I am not in denial.

thePolkadot wins The Lie That Fooled The World award for our post on promises that you’re never going to keep:

20. Just one more Sparklife article, and then I'm going to do my homework!

We’ve all been there. We can recommend therapy groups, but the addiction just keeps spreading.

Octoberbird wins the Approving Nod award for this comment on our post on college checklists (be sure to click through to see the picture she’s talking about!):

Bam! Idk about the items, but the guy in this picture is sure on my college checklist...

GallagherGirl11 wins the Best Misdirection award for this hilarious comment on our post on ways to make your boring summer sound AWESOME:

I did a marathon

Of Firefly

Hey look at that super cool thing over there in the corner! *points and runs away, but not too fast, I don't really like running all that much*

It’s been awhile. We should rewatch Firefly sometime. Oh look, it’s a long weekend…

Aaaaaand last but certainly not least, NinJas_are_Mi wins the Bestidict CumberPUN award for this comment on Auntie’s post about dealing with celebrity crushes:

We're called Cumbercookies now. Because collectively we make a batch.

*is innocently pretending to not have a crush*

But to fairly show both sides, we have to give a runners-up award to CrepuscularSnidget for this comment on the same post:

I might have to jump into a volcano because I do not find Benadryl Cabbagepatch that attractive. Is it the cheekbones? *shrugs* But I do adore the wonderful things you can do to his name. (Bandersnatch Cumbersome is one of my favorites.)

But anyways, LW, you're not alone. Josh Hutcherson... yeah, um, crush would be an understatement. I shall love that man until my dying day.

Tastes can be subjective! I personally find Cumblebumble irrestible… but only in Sherlock. Everywhere else I see him I go “meh.”

Enjoy the weekend, Sparklers! Where do you stand on the Cumbercookie spectrum?

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