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The 10 Best Sets of Fictional Siblings

The 10 Best Sets of Fictional Siblings

Everyone gets sick of his or her own siblings at one time or another (i.e. long car trips, fights over the remote control, awful hand-me-downs, etc.)! But there are all the good times as well (cue montage sequence of laugh-till-you-pee moments, Christmas morning and commiserating over your lame parents together)! Here are ten sets of fictional siblings who make being brothers and sisters look pretty darn cool, despite all the ups and downs:

10. The Bradys from The Brady Bunch
The Bradys are technically two families blended into one, which means twice the fun and twice the, uh, hip shenanigans? Everyone has at least one Brady they can relate to, whether it's the über cool older siblings (Marcia and Greg), the misunderstood middle children (Jan and Peter) or the sweet "babies" of the clan (Cindy and Bobby). Not only did the Bradys have fun dressing in outlandish matching outfits, but they also did amazing organized activities like potato sack races, choreographed dance routines, and the epic Marcia-Greg obstacle course driving competition.

9. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Talk about a magical sisterhood! Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are two gorgeous alicorn (unicorn + pegasus) ponies with long flowing manes and rockin' mystical powers! Celestia and Luna are responsible for watching over the land of Equestria day and night, respectively. Plus, their relationship was strong enough to withstand Luna's dramatic backstory of turning into the evil alter ego Nightmare Moon. Go ponies!

8. The Dunphy Kids from Modern Family
With Claire and Mitchell as the parents, you know the offspring will be an interesting mixture of funny, weird, pretty, silly, and smart. They each have their own personalities: Luke is totally out there, Haley's a rebellious hottie, and Alex is an angry nerd. And even though they might each fit into a specific stereotype, they still have enough heart to make us believe they are real kids in an exceptionally wacky family.

7. Bart, Lisa, and Maggie from The Simpsons
Oh, to be young... with yellow spikes for hair. Bart is an endless whirlwind of pranks and poor decisions, Lisa's brains and strong moral compass match her classic strand of pearls—and who doesn't love Maggie's comedic timing? These three cartoon siblings may never grow up, but their awesomeness has made them watchable for over 20 years.

6. Monica and Ross Gellar from Friends
First of all, Monica and Ross had cool jobs—a chef and museum archaeologist. Second, they both had some seriously relatable neuroticism—OCD and social awkwardness. Finally, they were always there for each other despite the sibling rivalry and random bickering, and frustratingly long courtships with Chandler and Rachel. Monica and Ross prove that when siblings do it right, they can be awesome friends as well.

5. The March Sisters from Little Women
Between Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, you were bound to have one girl you were rooting for the most. Whether it was Meg's romance, Jo's writing, Beth's music, or Amy's art, you were most definitely like, "GET IT, GURL!" because they inspired you to follow your dreams, too. Plus, they did all this back in the day, when women didn't have a lot of rights—AND, they had to wear like five petticoats. The book is obviously amazing, but make sure you peep the movie with Winona Ryder, Kirsten Dunst, and Claire Danes as the March Sisters, and Susan Sarandon KILLING IT as Marmee.

4. The Twins from The Parent Trap
Whether we're talking the original classic with Hayley Mills, or the remake with Lindsay Lohan, this was the ultimate Disney sibling partnership. Separated at birth and raised alone by each parent, the two twin sisters meet at camp and hatch a plan to reunite their parents. And *~SPOILER ALERT!~* it works! These movies are awesome because we get to see the girls hate on each other at first before they finally start working together—and who ever thought camping could be so hilarious?

3. Katniss and Prim from The Hunger Games
Let's get real here, you guys: Katniss volunteered to basically pretty much probably die to protect her little sister, Prim, from going into the Hunger Games. Dude. BEST. SISTER. EVER. And also she was supergood with a bow and arrow, so everything worked out in the end, SORT OF, yaaay!!

2. The Tanner Sisters from Full House
Did you know that DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle were the envy of every girl in the '80s and '90s? I mean, the hair (Stephanie's curls!), the bedroom (geometric wallpaper!), the dad (Bob Saget!), the catchphrases ("You got it, dude!" + "How rude!") made them JUST LIKE US, but way more awesome. Plus, they grew up with two super cool uncles, a cute dog, and were constantly hanging out with The Beach Boys for some reason. These girls made growing up with sisters look fun.

1. The Weasleys from Harry Potter
Where do we even start?! The Weasleys are the ultimate siblings because a) they have magic, b) they have red hair, c) they have magic and red hair. Also, EVERY Weasley is an amazing person! Of course, there's Ron, who is Harry Potter's right hand man and a bit of a dork—albeit a very brave one. The older Weasley brothers are obviously awesome: Bill's a rock star banker who ends up with the ultra-hot Fleur Delacour, Charlie is a DRAGONOLOGIST, Percy could be a bit of a douche but ultimately did the right thing, and twins Fred and George were magnificent prankers as well as fierce fights. Finally, the lone girl, Ginny*, was amazing at Quidditch, while also managing to snog the most famous wizard in the world!

*Editor note: We don't know HOW we messed up Ginny's name and originally had it as JENNY. SO EMBARRASSING. Can we just blame autocorrect and call it a day?

Which is your favorite set of fictional siblings?

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