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Unsure About Selfies? Try Bookshelfies!

Unsure About Selfies? Try Bookshelfies!

A while back, we posted about selfies. This Splogger was staunchly ANTI. Something about them feels vain and narcissistic. As in, Look at me! Here I am and don't I look pretty? Then, of course, half of the tags on selfies are things like #ugly, #yuck, #nomakeup, and #complimentfishing.

However, there's a new trend in self-photo-taking, which moves my needle closer to the PRO side. They're called, appropriately, bookshelfies.

Bookshelfies showcase something other than your face. Bookshelfies are about showcasing your books (with a little dash of you). The premises is this: regular selfie set up, with your book collection in the background. Then, you share the books you pictured behind you.

Shyer than that? You don't even need to be in the pic! There are plenty of examples on the blog of people who don't necessarily use their face, or use it in creative ways.

Our only gripe? Taking (and posting!) a selfie is hard enough. Now we have to add in self-consciousness about our questionable book taste? For every classic on our shelf, there are probably two Gossip Girl box sets, three R.L. Stine paperbacks, and four hair/makeup manifestos. Then again, maybe bookshelfies can teach us to embrace our imperfect selves and book collections.

The blog has yet to feature our precise bookshelfie-twin, but this e-bookshelfie features some of our favorite authors - J.K. Rowling (obviously), David Sedaris, and Gillian Flynn.

What books would you feature in your bookshelfie? Are you on board with this new selfie trend?

[via Salon]

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