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Today In Vocab News: Twerk's a Real Word Now

Today In Vocab News: Twerk's a Real Word Now

Oxford has added the words “twerk” and “selfie” to its online dictionary. We’re not sure if Miley had any influence on at least one of these additions, but she is the unofficial twerk queen these days. Other new words of note: “emoji,” “food baby, ” and “cake pop.”

Though we’re all for the expansion of vocabulary in the digital/twerking age, here are some words Oxford is overdue on adding:

the combination of “cool” and “great,” used especially in times of exasperation in front of a cute guy in math class, especially guys named Aaron Samuels:
I was so nervous speaking to Aaron Samuels, that I said “grool” instead of “cool” or “great.”
Grool, I’ll see you then.

the sound someone makes when sighing and beginning a sentence with “well…”:
Welp, I guess we’re breaking up.

Golden Snitch / Snitch

the third and most awesome ball used in Quidditch. A little smaller than a golf ball, it has wings and flies around the Quidditch field. Once caught, the game is over:
Welp, show’s over—the Snitch has been caught.
This will be the year I catch the Golden Snitch. I’ve been practicing like crazy.

your number one muchacho, your best friend, the person you will do anything for:
Of course you can have the last slice of pizza—you’re my biffle!


a really fun way of saying “crazy,” especially when you’re describing your biffle’s weirdly awesome behavior:
Girl, you are so cray-cray! I can’t believe you thought of that that hilarious joke!

[Via Jezebel ]

So what do you think about the new additions in the dictionary? What else should be added?

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