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Watch Kristin Chenoweth Make a Voice Teacher's Night

Watch Kristin Chenoweth Make a Voice Teacher's Night

You know how it goes: see your favorite performer at a concert, watch them call an audience member onstage for an awkward duet, suffer the disappointing, ear-offending singing that follows. It can be a bit annoying—you came here to see your idol, not a commoner, right? This stands true most of the time, but over the weekend something special happened during Kristin Chenoweth’s Hollywood Bowl performance of Wicked's “For Good.”

Out of all the audience members, she happened to call voice teacher Sarah Horn to the stage to sing Elphaba’s part alongside her, and the results were heartwarming, a little funny, and kind of magical. When it was Ms. Horn’s turn, she blew Kristin and the audience away with her rich, pitch-perfect, and velvety vocals:

“Oh sing it, sing it!” said Chenoweth, once her talented partner had revealed what she could do. It’s hard to imagine most people (even professional paid singers) being able to stand beside Kristin and hold their own, but Horn nailed it like a champ. Even the crazy difficult harmonies at the end! After the amazing duet was over, Kristin proudly said, “That voice is teaching our young people.”


Did your heart just melt or what? Love you, Kristin!

[Via Huffington Post]

What do you guys think of Horn's performance?

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