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Happy Birthday, Rupert Grint! 14 Reasons To Celebrate

Happy Birthday, Rupert Grint! 14 Reasons To Celebrate

It’s Rupert Grint’s birthday! Let’s remember his awesomeness in a countdown of 14 reason we luuurve us some Ron Weasley.

14. It was recently revealed that Rupert had to be removed from the set of Harry Potter when he couldn’t stop laughing about a tender scene between Harry and Hermione. Can ya blame the guy?

13. He’s just another example of gingers being totally stinkin’ foxy.

12. True to Weasley style, he has a large family, and they all have cool-sounding names. Examples: Nigel Grint, Georgina Grint, and Charlotte Grint.

11. He has his own ice cream truck! Please bring us an ice-cream sandwich to the tune of the Harry Potter theme!

10. He nails the line “Bloody hell!” like no one else.

9. According to IMDB , he rides a unicycle. The TALENT on this man!

8. He’s friends with Tom Felton. House Slytherin and House Gryffindor unite!

7. We love, love, LOVE him in Ed Sheeran’s “Lego House.” Swoon times a trillion.

6. Over the years, he’s won many awards for his work in the Potter movies, but he never seemed to let it go to his head. He’s been quoted saying, “Things at home didn't change much. I still have to clean my own room!” D’awwwww. Us too, Rupert. Us too.

5. The name Rupert Grint is just adorbs.

4. He danced with Maggie Smith. 75 COOL POINTS to Grrrryyyfffindor!!

3. He didn’t go all crazy Hollywood big shot on us after Potter, instead going for smaller, lesser-known projects like Cherrybomb, Wild Target, and Into the White.

2. He has arachnophobia in real life, too! But really, who doesn’t?

1. He rapped for his audition for Harry Potter. Yes. YESSSSSSS.

Happy birthday, Rupert! Why do YOU love the ginger star?

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