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Which Celebrity Baby Are You?

Which Celebrity Baby Are You?

Eating, pooping, napping, shopping at Fendi. Just another day in the charmed life of Ke$ha a celebrity baby. The only paps to capture your first steps were your parents—and your older sibling waiting in the wings to push you down. But if you WERE born rich and famous, which celebaby would you be?

1. Your baby food would be made of puréed:
a. Caviar
b. Bangers and mash
c. Chicken of the Sea tuna and Doritos
d. Champagne-soaked gold flakes
e. Quinoa
f. Spaghetti and meatballs

2. You'd like your nursery decorated by:
a. Gucci
b. the Royal High Commission on Interior Decorating
c. Macy's
d. Your parents' latest fashion line
e. Anthropologie
f. Polo

3. Which celebrity would be your godparent?
a. Oprah
b. Dame Judi Dench
c. Ken Paves
d. Serena Williams
e. Cameron Diaz
f. Jeff Timmons

4. Which toddler is your style icon?
a. Kingston (Stefani) Rossdale
b. Young JFK Jr.
c. Shirley Temple
d. Alonso Mateo
e. Suri Cruise
f. Honor (Alba) Warren

5. Your first word(s) would be:
a. "You shoulda put a teething ring on it"
b. "Britannia"
c. "Goo"
d. "Cut"
e. "Om"
f. "Gee whiz"

6. Your favorite lullaby is:
a. "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls," by TLC
b. "God Save the Queen," by Thomas Arne
c. "Jolene," by Dolly Parton
d. "Single Ladies," by Beyonce because it's one of the best videos of all TIME, yo!
e. "Puff the Magic Dragon," by Peter, Paul, and Mary
f. "Tearin' Up My Heart," by N'Sync (but don't tell my dad)

7. The theme of your first birthday party would be:
a. Girl power
b. Real princesses
c. Mickey Mouse Club
d. Whatever the producers want it to be
e. Flower power
f. Disney princesses

If you answered mostly a's, you should have been born: Blue Ivy Carter

If you answered mostly b's, you should have been born: His Royal Highness, Prince George Alexander Louis

If you answered mostly c's, you should have been born: Ace Knute (Simpson) Johnson

If you answered mostly d's, you should have been born: North West

If you answered mostly e's, you should have been born: Olive (Barrymore) Kopelman

If you answered mostly f's, you should have been born: Camden Lachey

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