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The 20 Best Pranks To Play on Your Roommate (While They're Sleeping)

The 20 Best Pranks To Play on Your Roommate (While They're Sleeping)

For those of you who are moving away to start college this fall, you'll soon be experiencing all of the joy and wonder of living with a complete stranger (or, in some cases, THREE complete strangers) that your college has designated to be your roommate(s). Naturally, the bonding experience between roommates can vary. But we at SparkLife firmly believe that the best way to break the ice with your new roommate is to play some amazeballs pranks on them. After that, they’ll have no choice but to recognize your BFF potential!

The best time to prank someone is when they're sleeping. Their guard is down, making it the perfect time to enact your nefarious plan, er, awesome prank. Here are our 20 favorites:

  1. Move everything in the room over a few inches. Ask them repeatedly “Do you notice anything different? Anything at all?”
  2. Glue everything in the room except the bed to the ceiling.
  3. Glue the bed to the ceiling.
  4. Enlist a couple friends to help you verrrrry carefully carry your roomie’s mattress outside. Let them wake up to find themselves in a wooded glen in your local forest.
  5. The classic: draw a mustache on their face. For extra points, tattoo it. (Don't actually tattoo it.)
  6. Cover their eyebrows in foundation. When they first look in the mirror, they'll think they're gone.
  7. Or shave one eyebrow. (Again, don't actually do this.)
  8. Whisper subliminal messages in their ear. “My roommate is the best. I’m going to give her all my candy from my care packages. I will never abandon her in a parking lot. I love my roommate the most out of anybody. I forgive her for the eyebrow thing.”
  9. Fill their hand with whipped cream and then tickle their nose with a feather.
  10. Cover them with hamsters.
  11. Just stand there, staring at them, until they wake up.
  12. Set up an ultrasound machine next to them, and when they wake up, put on a lab coat, look down at them through your glasses, glance at a clipboard in your hand, and say, “I’m so sorry.”
  13. Dip their hand into a glass of warm water.  If this novel is any guide, it should cause your roommate to create even more warm liquid.
  14. Rub peanut butter on their face. When they wake up, tell them it’s a facial.
  15. Yell “FIRE” in their ear. When they bolt up, tell them that they must have been dreaming. Repeat.
  16. Dress up as the Grim Reaper. Stand at the foot of their bed. Wake them up by popping your gum.
  17. Snuggle up next to them and pretend to be asleep when they wake up.  Drape your arm over them, making it difficult for them to escape.
  18. Switch out her hardboiled eggs in your minifridge for raw ones.
  19. If they nap on their stomach, take this opportunity to tape a creative sign on their back, such as, “I’M HONING MY MARTIAL ARTS SKILLS. PLEASE HELP ME BY ATTACKING ME WITHOUT WARNING OR EXPLANATION.”
  20. When they wake up, rush to their side and cry out, “Oh my God, you’re awake!” As they go “Whu..?,”solemnly tell them, “You’ve been asleep for three years. Also, I married your brother.”

What’s the best prank you’ve ever played?

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