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Taylor Swift Made Ed Sheeran Some Jam

Taylor Swift Made Ed Sheeran Some Jam

T. Swift's dating life has been pretty quiet lately. We haven't heard any rumors in a while, aside from the usual tired jokes about her dating a lot (which we totally support, BTW—date whoever you want, girl!). But remember a while back, when there was talk about Taylor and Ed Sheeran dating/hanging out/whatever rich people do? At the time, both said they were just friends, which is probably true. (Side note: though having to respond to rumors like this like it's your job would be annoying, we'd trade some privacy for her wardrobe and money and hair and talent.)

All those rumors had died down. And then, this week, Ed posted a photo of a cute, homemade present from Taylor on his Instagram.

The label reads,

Yo Ed- I'm really happy 4 you and I'm gonna let u finish but this is the best JAM OF ALL TIME. -T

Ed simply captioned it, "Taylor made me some jam. Amazing."

We love that not only did she make a joke about that Kanye incident, but apparently she makes jam now? That Taylor is so crafty. Though, if it were up to us, we probably would have played off the word jam and labeled it, "Taylor's hot new summer jam," or "#1 jam of summer 2013." Though this'll probably get the rumor mill back up and running, we're glad to see that T-Swizzle has a sense of humor. Even if her joke's from 2009.

[via Dlisted]

How would you caption your T-Swift jam? Also: WHAT FLAVOR JAM IS THIS? That's important information.

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