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Ben Affleck is Named the New Batman! Internet Explodes!

Ben Affleck is Named the New Batman! Internet Explodes!

Holy tension, Batman! The internet figuratively BAT-PLODED with snark last night when it was announced that Ben Affleck was cast as the new Batman for the highly anticipated Man of Steel sequel. So why the derision? We thought America was on board with the Ben Affleck express. Remember his teary-eyed Oscars speech when Argo won best picture earlier this year? Ben Affleck's BACK, right? Apparently, wrong.

After news of Batfleck broke, fans of Batman, Superman, and opinions flocked to Twitter to feel their feelings in 140 characters or less. We went Good Will Punting through the sarcastic muck and found the top reasons people are upset about this announcement:

1. Ben Affleck's lackluster role in the lackluster movie Daredevil.


2. Ben Affleck's Boston accent.

@DragonflyJonez: Affleck gonna be like "It's the Jokah! Or the Riddlah! Rahbin! Call Commissionah Gahden!"

3. His friendship with Matt Damon.

We could watch this ALL day.

4. Ben Affleck is not Christian Bale.

The Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale combo resurrected the Batman franchise. Anyone cast as the new Caped Crusader will live in the iconic shadow of the preceding Dark Night. Affleck is one of the most polarizing figures in Hollywood, so obviously this news was ripe for internet mockery.

Hilarious internet mockery.

@thesonnylee: EVERYONE RELAX! Ben Affleck is only pretending to play Batman so he can save US hostages in Iran.

@ComedyCentral: Casting Ben Affleck as Batman sounds like something The Joker would do to create a distraction at the nerd bank.

We understand. Daredevil, Jersey Girl, say these movies weren't well-received would be putting it lightly. But that was 10 years ago! This is Ben Affleck 2.0! People grow, they evolve, and considering the dearth of other viable candidates, we don't think it's an awful choice. Bale and Gwyneth Paltrow starring in Shakespeare in Love 2: Shakespeare in Lover, on the other hand? That would be a disaster. A disaster we would most certainly watch.

And what about the man himself? What does Batman think about all of this? Well, he tweeted about it:

@TheBatman: Ben Affleck officially cast as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. For the first time in history, I kind of want Superman to win.

And one more time because, hey, it's FRIDAY.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

What do you think of Ben Affleck as the new Batman? Who do you think should have been cast?

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