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What's Your Superhero Alter Ego?

What's Your Superhero Alter Ego?

Have you ever wished you were a superhero? You may have contemplated your super name and your costume, but have you thought about your everyday alter ego? From Superman to Professor X, almost every superhero leads a normal life outside of their crime fighting. Follow the instructions below to find your alter ego name and day job!

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the superpower you’d most like to have.

Flight: Jack/Kitty

Invisibility: Peter/Violet

Super strength: Hal/Cassandra

Telekinesis: Dash/Helen

Power mimicry: Erik/Sue

Healing: Sean/Diana

Breathe underwater: Charles/Barbara

Invulnerability: Calvin/Lorena

Time travel: Johnny/Natasha

Night vision: Bruce/Lorna

Telepathy: Clint/Jennifer

Super speed: Wally/Dinah

Precognition: Steve/Jamie

Talk to animals: Clark/Elektra

Immortality: Carter/Jean

Super senses: Warren/Rachel

Teleportation: Barry/Raven

Control the elements: Scott/Anna Marie

Super intelligence: Ben/Mindy

Mind control: Oliver/Shayera

Produce force fields: Logan/Jubilation

Other: Hank/Emma

“Grr! I can’t choose!”: Victor/Maya

Last Name: Choose one of the surnames that correspond to your favorite superhero vehicle.

The Batmobile (Old school): Howlett, Banner, Slade, Mcready

The Batmobile (Modern): Stark, Allen, Roth, Garrick

An invisible plane: Parker, Drake, Worthington, Stone

Blackbird: Storm, Parr, Barton, LeBeau

Hell cycle: Kent, Rogers, Grey, Rankin

Helicarrier: Xavier, Grimm, Romanov(a), Cassidy

Chariot: Jordan, Richards, Summers, Queen

Motorcycle: Frost, Grayson, West, Dane

The Black Beauty: Wayne, Murdock, Darkholme, Lance

The Fantasticar: McCoy, Wagner, Fury, Wilson

Other: Blaze, Gordon, Pryde, Monroe

Day Job: Choose the occupation that corresponds to your favorite supervillain.

The Joker: Artist

Doctor Doom: School headmaster

The Riddler: Journalist

The Penguin: Business owner

Loki: Photographer

Poison Ivy: Lawyer

Magneto: Nuclear physicist

Lex Luthor: Politician

The Green Goblin: Soldier

The Scarecrow: Insurance salesman/saleswoman

Mr. Freeze: Teacher

Venom: Interpol inspector

Bane: CEO

Doctor Octupus: Alien

Catwoman: Army nurse

Red Skull: Student

Two-Face: Scientist

Sandman: Florist

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants: Norse god

Other: Secretary

Post by Sue Cassidy, the artist, aka Sydney Scott

What's your superhero alter ego and occupation?

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