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Georgia Tech Student Perfects The Convocation Speech

Georgia Tech Student Perfects The Convocation Speech

Starting college can be a scary thing. In many cases, you have to travel long distances from your home, only to be forced into cohabitation with virtual strangers with strange sleeping habits and sticky fingers when it comes to the cookies your mom sends you. But for some, starting undergraduate life means being welcomed into a fold of like-minded, awesome folks who survived high school and made it out with a shot to learn what they really want to learn and hang with peeps they really want to hang out with.

A shining example of college at its most awesome? This speech, delivered by Georgia Tech sophomore Nick Selby, to welcome incoming freshmen at the school's convocation ceremony. Selby starts off normally enough before, with the help of arguably the most epic backup music ever, he OWNS AN ACADEMIC SPEECH LIKE NEVER BEFORE. The only thing missing is him literally dropping the mic and walking away bellowing, "HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?" We challenge you not to feel prepared to go out and conquer the world after listening to Selby's speech.

The dude is so naturally and hilariously charismatic that we have no doubt he could inspire folks to accomplish just about anything. We've come up with a list of 5 other things Selby could inspire us to do.

1. Get Up In The Morning

Sure, alarm clocks are all well and good, but add the anthem-like assurances of Selby and suddenly putting on pants has real meaning!

2. Crossing The Street

Who hasn't gotten slightly bored and uninspired while waiting for the light to change? Well, those days are long gone, with Selby urging us to cross as we've never dreamed of crossing before.

3. Waiting In line

There are few things more soul-crushing then waiting in line for anything, even if what you're waiting for is a delicious food of some sort. Cue Selby and his passion for excellence to help those lingering minutes fly by.

4. Eating A Pie

What can make eating a pie more awesome? Nick Selby reminding you how awesome it is to be eating a pie, that's what.

5. Babysitting

The only problem with Nick Selby urging you to be the best you can be while you babysit is that his energy might be a little too intense for a baby hoping to get a nap any time soon.

[Via Buzzfeed.]

What other heights of greatness could Nick Selby inspire you to climb?

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