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Demi Lovato Joining the Cast of Glee for Season 5!

Demi Lovato Joining the Cast of Glee for Season 5!

Demi Lovato is set to join the cast of Glee next season, appearing alongside Adam Lambert. Demi will play "Dani" (similar name alert!), a new friend of Rachel and Santana. Her first appearance will come in the second episode, a Beatles tribute (!!!) airing October 3.

Demi's character is supposed to interact a lot with Lambert, and the two will perform several songs together. Fingers crossed for a "Heart Attack"/"Whataya Want From Me" mashup!

According to TVLine, Demi will appear in "at least six episodes," which means we should see a lot of the X-Factor host during season 5. Here are a few suggestions to the Glee writers for awesome Demi/Dani story lines:

  • Demi plays a barista-slash-aspiring singer, spurring a Starbucks-inspired dance sequence (guest starring Anna Kendrick, who will sing "Cups" with vent Frappuccinos)
  • Demi plays a New York street performer (gyro juggling, naturally) who captures the heart of Santana
  • Rachel and Santana both meet Demi separately, then compete to be her BFF via a series of wacky antics, including at least shopping montage
  • Demi plays a Rachel clone, down to the Broadway/Barbara Streisand aspirations, and the new besties must compete for the same role (the role of Street Urchin #3 in an off-Broadway production of The Miserables!, a Les Mes parody)
  • Demi plays a waitress at Rachel's favorite veggie burger joint, and Lambert plays her sleazy boss, who has an evil plan to add sausage to the veggie dogs
  • Demi plays a mime with a heart of gold
  • Alternatively, anyone plays a mime with any sort of metal heart

[via Cosmo]

What would you like to see Demi do on Glee?

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