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20 Back to School Mantras

20 Back to School Mantras

Namaste, Sparklers. Yogi Sparklmamananda here. I know the return to school can fill your minds with many useful and not useful thoughts and emotions, from anxiety to grief to annihilating terror or overwhelming euphoria. To help you through the transition, mind, body, and spirit, I'm initiating you in some back-to-school mantras. These are not your parents' mantras ("Keep your GPA up and your head down," while clever, is not exactly helpful); these are powerful. So use them for good, and remember: breathe (just not in the second-floor bathroom).

1. Homework does not do itself.

2. Be the grade, see the grade.

3. Drink coffee. Read books. Repeat.

4. 7 right 26 left 13 right.

5. Let a B be a B.

6. “I don't know" is an answer.

7. There's no crying in debate club.

8. Only cows and wildebeests should follow the herd.

9. Pencils are for the weak, pens are for the strong, Sharpies are for the stupid.

10. Detention, too, shall pass.

11. I have alternatives; they include several low-wage, part-time jobs and jail.

12. Extra credit is a way of life.

13. Spellcheck conquers all.

14. WWWD? (What Would Who Do?)

15. Fear nothing, except the bus driver.

16. You have everything you need, except for a pen, which you can always borrow from your neighbor.

17. When it comes to the essay portion, never complain, always explain.

18. School is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.

19. Change your gym clothes, change your world.

20. School is not life, but life is school.

What's your back to school mantra?

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