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13 Signs You Should End the Relationship

13 Signs You Should End the Relationship

Forget spring: fall is really the time when relationships find their footing. Summer flings transition into steady dating, and cute new guys move to town in time for the school year. There’s flirting and a slew of hot dates—but after a certain point, the rose-colored crush goggles tend to...lose their color, and the perfect guy ends up being a regular ol' not-so-perfect one. While that's completely normal, you shouldn't go with the flow on all romance killers. Here are a few signs that you should reconsider the relationship:

1. He likes to take you to McDonald’s and challenge you to chicken nugget eating competitions. When he wins, he body-checks you in his excitement.

2. He makes fun of your taste in music. Did we mention his favorite song is "Cotton-Eye Joe"?

3. When you suggested you guys go on a double date, he tried setting up your best friend with your brother...who she used to babysit for.

4. There isn’t a single Instagram, status update, tweet or Tumblr post that he won’t Like, favorite, or comment on.

5. He calls you at four in the morning because he had a dream about Sharknado.

6. He’s started sending you photo morphs of your future children, and it’s only been three weeks.

7. He doesn’t like your dog. Or worse yet, your dog doesn't like him.

8. He gets apple juice on your mint-condition comic books.

9. He won’t let you eat off his plate, yet thinks it's okay to kiss you right after he's eaten a double quarter pounder.

10. He thinks his fedora makes a great fashion statement!

11. He refers to himself as a "nice guy." (*shudder*)

12. He tends to "casually" hang out in your bushes when you’re at home trying to relax.

13. He borrowed your jeans once...and looked better in them than you did.

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