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The 9 Best Parts of Lady Gaga's New Video

The 9 Best Parts of Lady Gaga's New Video

Did you miss the premiere of Lady Gaga’s new video yesterday? Well lucky for you, we can’t stop watching it! For what appears to be a single-set video, her newest release is mesmerizing. Check it out:

Here are our all our favorite things about Gaga's latest, in case you were wondering how she managed to hook us yet again:

1. Back box theater. We really dug the minimalist set. For the most part it’s just a black floor and walls setup, reminiscent of a black box theater. This is perfecto for Ms. Gaga, who tends to invoke the mystery/majesty of theater in her performances.

2. Great hair. We counted seven different styles throughout: short, pixie, bi-color, mid-length, blond and wavy, bald cap, and dark and long. Who needs a stylist! Just watch a Gaga video for hair inspiration.

3. The animals. She’s a horse with a sparkly tail? Or a black swan in a fur-egg? Who knows, but it looks AWESOME.

4. The minimal use of color. Though part of the time she’s in black and white, sometimes an EXPLOSION OF COLOR goes down. And sometimes that color is GLITTER.

5. The big tent dress. Did you ever do that thing in sumer camp with the parachute? Where everyone grabs the edge in a circle and then you raise it up and run under it in order to sit on the inside edge, creating a little dome? Well, Gaga's dress is fashion’s answer to the beloved parachute game.

6. It’s creepy. Gaga definitely embraces the weird and the creepy. We like it when a performer doesn’t insist on looking classically pretty in every single shot.

7. Hot dance moves. When she’s not writhing around on a bare mattress or slowly coming out of a giant magician’s hat, she’s dancing! We personally plan on stealing some of those moves for our own dance-floor experience.

8. That wonderful green blazer. It looks like rubber snake skin. Whatever it's made out of, we want it.

9. At one point it looks like she’s in a purple-mist crystal ball. It’s a beam of light? A crystal ball? She’s a fortune teller?A Hindu goddess? We want to exist in that universe of purple glitter and light.

Watch it now:

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