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Real-Life Superhero Saves Stranger's Wedding with Power of Kindness

Real-Life Superhero Saves Stranger's Wedding with Power of Kindness

Sometimes we come across a story that just makes us smile, and as you may know, smiling's our favorite. A bride's wedding dress was stolen out of her car in Kent, WA, just hours before her wedding. What was supposed to be the happiest day of her life quickly turned disastrous. Amanda, the bride-to-be, called 911 to tearfully report the theft, and was answered by, depending how you look at it, fortuitous fortune or predestined fate.

Amanda's frantic call was taken by Candice, a 911 operator who had been a bride herself just 18 months earlier, and who felt that her interaction with the bride was a case of "divine intervention." Candice felt so bad for Amanda that she asked her supervisor if she could lend her own wedding dress to help save a complete stranger's wedding. Because her boss is not an evil wedding Grinch, the answer was yes.

Candice texted a picture of her wedding dress, Amanda thought the dress would fit, and in a real-life miracle reminiscent of a story you'd pay $14 to watch on the big screen, the wedding was saved, and the bride dazzled her guests in her (something) borrowed gown as she said "I do."

Candice the 911 Operator: Wedding Superhero.

Actually, that's not a bad idea for a movie. If we were in charge of casting, our first choices would be:

The Panicked Bride: Katherine Heigl

(Fun fact: If you're making a wedding themed rom-com, you're legally obligated to include Katherine Heigl.)

Candice, The Superhero 911 Operator: Jennifer Lawrence

The Groom: Ian Somerhalder

Sassy Maid of Honor: Ginnifer Goodwin

Movie trailer voice: Sometimes you need to go the wrong way to find the right guy. Some superheroes are something old, but this one is SOMETHING NEW. This fall, make sure you save the date for...The Wedding Superhero.

Amanda and Candice met last week, and Amanda was able to thank her new friend for her altruism. "I want you to know you're seriously an amazing person, and not a lot of people would have done that," she told Candice.

Apparently you really can depend on the kindness of strangers.

[via Jezebel]

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