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Battle Of The Teenaged Werewolves!

Battle Of The Teenaged Werewolves!

You may be anti-Twilight, or you might quietly harbor a soft spot for its romantic silliness. If you do, there's a 50% chance you're Team Jacob (and a 10% chance you're Team Edward, and a 40% chance you're Team Marcus). While Edward Cullen could be a hard dude to love, what with his ice-cold flesh, codependency, and tendency to stare at good-smelling women while they slept, it was hard to find fault with Jacob, who just sassed around Forks being sexy, adoring, and super hot (as in, having a high core body temperature).

He shares some of those traits with Scott from Teen Wolf, MTV's reimagined and revamped version of the hit 80s movie of the same name. Sure, Scott's got a slightly crooked face, and he might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he can do so many pull-ups, and he's dependable, not to mention scrappy.

This similarity begs the question: in a battle of the teenaged werewolves, who wins, Jacob or Scott? Allow us to present our evidence in the case of Werewolf vs. Werewolf:

1. Intelligence

Scott: Not his strongest suit. If it weren't for his dreamy buddy Stiles, Scott might spend a lot of time walking into walls and saying, "Who put this wall there?" Buuuut, he is boning up on his vocabulary and taking his education more seriously. That said, the recent news that his English teacher is, in fact, a dark druid might have put a damper on his feelings toward higher learning.

Jacob: We don't have a lot of examples of Jacob being book smart either. But his ability to use sarcasm effectively and not be left blinking and confused gives him the one-up on Scott. He's also got emotional intelligence by the bucketful—making his attraction to Bella all the more confusing. Also, what with all the motorcycle riding, we get the impression that he understands spatial reasoning.

Winner Round 1: Jacob

2. Emotional Health

Scott: While Scott's passion for Allison is more than evident, it's not all-consuming. In fact, he handles their breakup with grace and poise. While other dudes his age might have a hard time moving on from the past, Scott's got zero issues keeping his baggage in check and fighting alongside his ex. Sure, she's a good kisser, but her prowess with a crossbow overrules it all. Additionally, when confronted with the idea of Allison dating beta werwolf Isaac, Scott shows his hurt, but keeps his priorities in line—he's got parents to save!

Jacob: One word: imprinting. As his unhealthy fixation on Bella weren't enough, Jacob goes ahead and falls in love with his former crush's newborn baby. No. Just. No.

Winner Round 2: Scott

3. Athletic Prowess

Scott: Athletics have never been the name of the game for Scott. In fact, before he was made a werewolf, he was a royal mess on his lacrosse team. Now that he's a wolf, he gets plenty of pitch time—but spends most of it knocking people over with his super-human strength. Lately, athletics have been far from Scott's mind, what with the whole "everybody being kidnapped" stuff that's been going down.

Jacob: While described as being younger looking before his change, Jacob was never characterized by clumsiness and lack of athletic ability. If anything, you get the impression he's always been pretty agile, and his change to wolf only seemed to heighten that. Though we can't see him joining peewee football any time soon, he does spend a lot of time running passionately around the forest.

Winner Round 3: Jacob

Winner Overall: Jacob

Are you a Jacob fan or a Scott fan? Or perhaps you prefer your wolves older and more tortured. (We're looking at you, Luke from Mortal Instruments!)

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