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5 New Social Media #Days

5 New Social Media #Days

If you have any kind of social media profile, you’ve seen your share of hashtags. Which means you’ve probably noticed the “days of the week” hashtags that originated on Instagram, but have slowly begun to seep over into other social media platforms. #ManCrushMonday and #ThrowbackThursday are often trending—but why should everyone stick to the same old themes? We’ve come up with five brand spankin’ new days-of-the-week hashtags to freshen up your feeds. Go forth and tag:

#MyCatIsMyOnlyFriendMonday: When it comes to the interwebz and cats, you can’t really go wrong. So today is the day to let the world know just how much you really lurve your cat. Post photos of you and Mr. Tickles making fruit arrangements, playing video games, catching some rays, and doing pretty much everything together. Variations: Cat may be replaced with any other pet or inanimate object, such as an iguana or a slice of pizza.

#TurtleneckTuesday: It’s time to go geek chic and bring the turtleneck back to its former glory! Howard Wolowitz and The Lonely Island have already jumped on the bandwagon, and with good reason: not only do turtlenecks keep you warm and cuddly, but they also make for great family photo attire. And when someone mentions your trendy turtleneck, it's completely acceptable to go all Master of Disguise on them.

#WhatTheWhatWednesday: This the day for all those photos that didn’t turn out quite how you expected. Share that picture of the camel that thought your face was yummy camel food. Or maybe upload that photo from when you took a surprise swim. Oh, and don’t forget Grandma’s photobomb.

#ThumbelinaThursday: This day will require a bit of creativity. Draw a face on your thumb (or any finger) and take pictures of her everywhere! You can create mini costumes or a finger cannibal crime scene. Use your Thumbelina as a creative way to let people know where you are, or just have fun with it! Variation: If you decide your thumb-face is a guy, use #ThumbertoThursday. If there are multiple thumb-peoples in your life, #ThumbamigosThursday is the hashtag for you.

#FandomFriday: Time to let your inner Fangirl (or Fanboy) shine! Every Friday shall now be a whole day dedicated to fandom. Post your coolest cosplay outfit, your impressive Pikachu collection , genius tumblr posts no one else will get, or just general feelings about being a superfan. After all, we didn’t choose the fandom life.

Oh man, we LOVE these. What hashtag will you be adding to your feeds?

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