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What Does Your Breakfast Say About You?

What Does Your Breakfast Say About You?

So you think you know about breakfast? So do we! See if we nailed your character profile based what you eat for the most important meal of the day!

Kale smoothie, alkalizing drink of apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon, and cayenne pepper
1. Your body is your temple and yoga class is your medicine.
2. You cannot believe there are negative connotations with the color green (greed, jealousy, etc.).
3. Blood does not gross you out. "It's just red liquid that keeps us alive, silly!"
4. Your friends ask you for diet and exercise tips all the time and sometimes refer to you as "the doctor," which is weird.
5. You really, really don’t get people who just don’t like water. How is that a thing?

Yogurt, granola, fruit, and coconut water
1. You know how to work your sweet tooth in a healthy way, just as you know how to work your sweet personality to your advantage with your group of friends (a.k.a. the suckers).
2. You believe hydration is the spice of life.
3. You wear sandals during all seasons of the year.
4. Ambrosia is not the nectar of the gods, but probiotics are.
5. You love getting up early on the weekends for morning hikes. You go-getter, you. Ugh.

Eggs, bacon, orange juice, and toast
1. Saturdays are for sleeping… at least until 11 a.m.
2. Diners are the best things about ‘Merica. Hands down.
3. You’re the life of the party! Just ask you.
4. Ketchup is your favorite food group. Yummy and red and delicious. What more do you need on your nutritional pyramid?
5. You love soccer practice but not as much as fruit snacks.

A coconut donut with a cinnamon latte
1. You’re care-free, fun-loving, and cheerful… most of the time.
2. You’re the biggest Britney Spears fan in the world.
3. Zumba is your favorite exercise.
4. You own at least four pieces of pink clothing that you rock weekly.
5. There’s not enough glitter to decorate your life with. Razzle dazzle ‘em!

Sugary cereal with delicious 2% milk to slurp up after
1. You excel at weird voices. Like, really weird, creeptastic voices... such as Gollum.
2. You live for the Cartoon Network. In fact, working in animation or comics is your dream.
3. Rainbow is splattered all over your room because you cannot pick a favorite color. You little chameleon, you!
4. You kill it at every dance video game out there. Thus, you never need to work out.
5. You wish you could live in a tree house… or a spaceship.

Waffles with strawberries, chocolate, and whipped cream.
1. You love nothing more than a gingham table cloth with some fresh daisies on top.
2. Your favorite holidays are Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.
3. Braiding hair soothes you. "The strands! The softness! The shine!"
4. Your Pinterest page is the envy of all your friends, not to mention all the crafts and projects you’ve successfully nailed.
5. Your spirit animal is a fish… or Ariel the Mermaid.

Leftover pizza and a soda
1. You’re a low-maintenance kind of person with some sporty tendencies, like lying in bed and shooting your trash into a can like it's your own little basketball game.
2. You believe in the power of privacy and relish your alone time.
3. Your friends mean more to you than any significant other ever could… at least for now.
4. Your spirit animal is Animal… the Muppet.
5. Your favorite rainy day flick is A Goofy Movie. "If we listen to each otha's hear-art!" (Karaoke, anyone?)

How did we do? Which breakfast is your favorite?

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