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5 Observations About Katy Perry's New Video

5 Observations About Katy Perry's New Video

If you have mysteriously wandered off to a land of no-internet earlier this week, you might have missed some juicy goings on in pop-music land. Among them, taking the web by storm (the figurative weather event, not the X-Man), is Katy Perry's newest video. Because the human candy shoppe pens some catchy as heck songs, and puts out some equally catchy, mostly hilarious videos to go with them, we were psyched to check it out. Check it out, then read on for our top 5 observations on Katy Perry's "Roar" video:

1. Emojis Are The Greatest

What the song lacks in narrative, it makes up for in ALL THE EMOJIIS! Since these cunning figures are basically the only reason to buy a smartphone, we applaud Perry's effort to make those adorable guys WORK. The whole video is comprised of a group text, with each participant sending along lyrics to the song filled in with emojiis as often as possible.

2. U Mad, Sarah Bareilles?

Drama, drama, drama. What would the web be without it? In this case everyone in front of their computers who has also heard Bareilles's song 'Brave' is quietly freaking out, being all, "KATY PERRY YOU ARE A THIEF." A little due diligence, and you'll find that the songs sound the same for a reason—Perry LEGALLY sampled "Brave." #hatersgonnahate

3. Katy Perry Is Hilarious

While most of the video features the streaming lyrics of the song, the rest features Katy's POV as she goes about her daily business. This daily business includes mundane stuff like trotting on an elliptical. And also pooping. She has no shame, and for that we love her.

4. Cats Are The Best

Even if you're unimpressed with the video, and the "Brave" semi-scandal has you giving both Katy and her song the side-eye, it's hard to deny that anyone who would name their cat Kitty Purry cannot be all bad. It goes to follow that any video that ends with a cat being baby-talked to is one for the ages.

5. The 80s Will Always Be Awesome

As if the tune, beat, and refrain weren't catchy enough, Katy's tip of the hat to '80s band Survivor and to Freddie Mercury and Queen is the best. In the refrain she mentions both having "the eye of the tiger" and how she "is a champion." Girl loves her some 80s, and we love us some her.

What do you think of the new video?

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