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22 Signs You Are Shy

22 Signs You Are Shy

Are you alone? Okay. We all know there's a real premium placed on being outgoing, and loud, and clanging pots, but some of us prefer to keep it a bit more low key. Just drumming our pots gently, so it sounds like rain. Are you a chill pot? Here are 25 signs that you are!
  1. If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, yes, they'd all be dead people.
  2. For your sexy Halloween costume this year, you're going to dress up as a sexy ham or a sexy Louis CK.
  3. Your eye color is long bangs.
  4. You don't wear makeup, you wear camouflage paint.
  5. Your first words as a baby were, "How embarrassing."
  6. You prefer Miley Stewart to Hannah Montana, and Lizzy McGuire to Isabella.
  7. Your roller derby name is "Miss T. Eyed."
  8. Your favorite ice cream is "Frosty."
  9. Your favorite tree is "leaf me alone."
  10. You don't like being called a "wallflower"; you prefer "wallower."
  11. The Harry Potter character you most relate to is Luna Lovegood.
  12. If you could have a magic power, you'd choose parseltongue, so you would never have to shout.
  13. You don't raise your hand in class, you just give your teacher the eye.
  14. If you were a billionaire, you'd buy a beautiful mansion in Malibu shaped like a brown rock with a wind vane.
  15. You believe the most underrated literary character is Peter's shadow, in Peter Pan.
  16. When you get changed for gym class, you do it inside the bathroom stall.
  17. Your favorite cheese is DON'T TAKE MY PHOTO.
  18. Only your friends know that on the inside, you are sunbeams and rainbows. And on the outside, you're a black box.
  19. The name on your Starbucks drink is "uhhrrrnm."
  20. You aren't a huge fan of social media, because you don't like to e-mote.
  21. Your resting face is owl.
  22. Your favorite party game is Sardines, where everyone counts to 100 and you go eat sardines alone.

Are you shy, too, Sparklers?

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