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The First Vampire Academy Trailer is Here!

The First Vampire Academy Trailer is Here!

Not all vampire YA novels are created equal—and the same goes, we fervently hope, for their film adaptations. While the Twilight movies were just as stilted as the books they were based on (with the exception of Breaking Dawn Part 1. Are we crazy for kinda loving that one?), the forthcoming adaptation of book one in Richelle Mead's YA series Vampire Academy is working with some...killer source material (LOL GET IT?).

The series is just as much about vampires as it is their guardians, the dhampirs, who are schooled alongside the bloodsuckers to become badass warriors. Rose, the trailer's tough brunette, is a dhampir girl devoted to protecting her blonde vampire best friend, Lissa—even if it means running away from school (the first book opens with their high-drama capture, after two years on the road) and giving up on her chance for love, with a fellow dhampir who can't afford to put her before the vamps he needs to protect. Check it out:

Color us...quietly excited. While it's hard to judge quality from a 80 seconds of pop-scored flash, here are two pieces of very good news: the movie's director is Mark Waters, of Mean Girls fame, and it was written by Daniel Waters, the screenwriter behind OG mean girls classic Heathers (the movie that will forever make us prefer "What's your damage?" to the infinitely less frightening "What's your problem?").

We'll admit it: we kinda thought the vampire trend was on its last legs (despite the continued popularity of True Blood and The Vampire Diaries). Does this trailer prove us wrong?

Are you excited for the upcoming Vampire Academy movie?

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