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Quiz: What's the Theme of Your Music Video?

Quiz: What's the Theme of Your Music Video?

Your music career is nothing without a stellar video to back up your tunes. Take this quiz to find out your artistic direction.

1. There's a big juicy sirloin in front of you. What's your first thought?
a. Let's eat!
b. I wonder how that would look as a hat.
c. Do not eat it and then feel sad but determined to fight for animal rights!
d. If I bite into this, I hope I don't mess up my red lipstick.
e. How much was this? Is it the best quality and cut?

2. Which of these videos do you wish you were an extra in?
a. “California Gurls” by Katy Perry
b. “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga
c. “Waiting On the World To Change” by John Mayer
d. “Crazy In Love” by Beyonce
e. “Glamorous” by Fergie

3. Which of these dogs would you want to own?
a. Golden Retriever
b. Chinese Crested
c. A rescued mix breed
d. King Charles Spaniel
e. French Bulldog

4. Which of these would most likely be the title of your song?
a. “Be My Little Crème Brulee”
b. “It’s the Year 4050”
c. “We Should All Volunteer”
d. “I’m Really Freakin’ Cute”
e. “All About My Awesome Car”

5. Which of these T-words is essential for a great video?
a. Treats
b. Technology
c. Tears
d. Teeth
e. Tiaras

How did you do?

Mostly A’s: Your theme is “Fun With Food.”
You’re so sick of being told to stop playing with your food. Your video will be full of bright, colorful pastries, cupcakes, snow cones, and juicy burgers.  You’ll don a spaghetti wig with a meatball crown and incorporate a sample of “Le Poissons.”

Mostly B’s: Your theme is “The Future Is Now.”
Your artistic style points toward high-tech thinking and a forward vision. You never always look ahead and your music video should reflect that with silver walls, lots of buttons that launch cool effects, and a yet-to-be-invented ginormous machine. Sounds kind of scary!

Mostly C’s: Your theme is “Save the World.”
You fight hard for certain near and dear causes and believe music is the perfect platform to spread your message. Your video will be full of animals that need to be rescued and plastic will be banned from the set. You’ll also sport clothing that comes from eco-conscious companies that give back. You, go!

Mostly D’s: Your theme is “The Best Looking Person Ever.”
You’re rill, rill good-lookin' and you know it. And you want everyone else to know it too. Your video could take place in a barn, a garage, or your local DMV. It really doesn’t matter where the video is or what props you use; there just need to be at least ten close-ups of your killer face and stellar locks.

Mostly E’s: Your theme is “Buy ALL the things!”
You appreciate the finer things in life, and your music video will show it with sparkly phone cases, designer dog carriers, and every gaming system every invented. You will conclude the song by jumping into a giant pool full of expensive flavored water. Sigh, such a baller, you are.

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