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News Flash! Beyonce Got a New Pixie Cut

News Flash! Beyonce Got a New Pixie Cut

The queen of divadom just Upgraded to a new ‘do! We approve!

Last night, while unknowing Americans were sleeping, Lady Bey was debuting a new, much shorter style on her Instagram account. With her international tour winding down, we guess the diva was ready for a change. We’ve seen this Beyonce look before (sort of) when she rocked a poufy blonde wig to play Etta James in Cadillac Records.

We dunno why she decided to go short, but we’re guessing maybe it has something to do with having her locks caught in a fan while she sang “Halo” in Montreal. Or perhaps, she’s taking a cue from her younger, stylish sibling, Solange Knowles.

Either way, we’re obsessed… and can’t wait to find if it’s definitely real or not! With so many celebs sporting shorter styles (Miley Cyrus, Pink, Emma Watson, Rihanna), it makes us ponder the big cut.

What do you guys think? Will you be chopping your tresses any time soon?

[Via Us Magazine ]

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