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Let Me Tell You About Homestuck....

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Let Me Tell You About Homestuck....

If you've been surfing the internet for a while, at some point you have most likely heard reference of Homestuck, whether you know it or not. Known for it's random and dry sense of humor, the 6000+ page comic from is a sparkler must-read.

The adventure begins in the bedroom of a young man named John Egbert, and it just so happens to be his birthday. Throughout the comic, you learn that he has three best friends that he knows through an online messaging system called Pesterchum. He receives a much awaited game called SBURB, which he and his friends are all excited to play, not knowing the destruction that the game itself will unleash. Much adventurous hilarity ensues.

The animation is superb, the music fantastic, the plot line phenomenal, and the continuity unbelievable. Small events that happen within the first hundred pages are shown to have significance thousands later, and every character has a defined and prominent personality.

The awesome thing that is Andrew Hussie's Homestuck includes (but is not limited to)

- Videogames

- Action

- Adventure

- Explosions

- Meteors

- Swords

- Magic

- The Power Of Friendship

- Horrible movies

- Excellent, in depth Flash animation

- Rap Battles

- Hilarity

- Mythical Beasts (As you never would have thought they'd be)

- Revenge

- Wit

- Interactive in-comic games

Warning: It does start out slow. Bear with me. If you could read the forward to The Lord Of The Rings (all 40 pages worth), you can handle this. After the first flash animation, you'll be sold.

So give Homestuck a chance! I doubt you'll be sorry you did.

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