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Which Actress Is a Maybe for Mockingjay?

Which Actress Is a Maybe for Mockingjay?

Pssssssst: heads up, little Panem revolutionaries! While we've all been freaking out about that new trailer for Catching Fire—and arguing amongst ourselves about what's more attention-getting, Finnick Odair's shirtless bod or Enobaria's scary-ass teeth—some interesting things are afoot in the secret underground lair of the Hunger Games franchise. Namely: the producers of movies number three and four have been getting busy with the search for some major Mockingjay characters, including the role of chilly and mysterious District 13 grande dame Alma Coin. And word has it that... (whispers) they've got her. PROBABLY. The woman with her eyes on the presidency of Panem's problem district? It's Julianne Moore!

For those not in the know (and who don't mind minor spoilers), President Coin is the de facto leader of District 13, the existence of which is a dirty secret closely guarded by the Capitol. And after the action of Catching Fire, it's a pivotal setting for the series' big, fiery conclusion in Mockingjay — which means that Coin is a pretty big part for whichever actress lands it. Here is why we like the idea of Julianne Moore in this pivotal role:

- She's good at playing political figures of dubious integrity (she was the actress who played Sarah Palin in HBO's Game Change, so she's had practice!)
- She's got that kind of thin-lipped, straight-haired, "patrician disapproval" look that more or less perfectly matches our mental image of President Coin.
- She's already pals with at least one of the film's stars: she played Josh Hutcherson's mom in The Kids Are All Right.
- She's been nominated for an Oscar four times, which is particularly impressive to us, since we have been nominated for an Oscar ZERO times.
- She was Maude Lebowski, you guys. MAUDE LEBOWSKI. She can do anything!

The only downside to this rumor is that it's still just a rumor; Moore hasn't been offered the part officially yet. But wouldn't she be perfect?

Or would she? What do you think: does Julianne Moore match up perfectly with the President Coin in your mind? Or were you holding out for some other actress to get the role?

[via Hypable]

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