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Songwriting with Taylor Swift: The Inside Scoop!

Songwriting with Taylor Swift: The Inside Scoop!

You may have heard that Taylor Swift just might have a new man, and you know what that means: SONGWRITING TIME! Recently we got in touch with T-Swift, and she offered to give us an exclusive peek into her artistic process. So let's go behind the curtain, and watch a newly in love pop star do her magic...

1. Brainstorming. Taylor gets distracted while working on lyrics, but it's all good. She's done this a million times.

2. Asking for input. Taylor loves Matthew, and she totally cares what he has to say!

3. Not taking input too seriously. Is MATTHEW the one who can sell out a billion-seat arena in five minutes? DIDN'T THINK SO.

4. Exorcising the demons of former love song subjects. This time, it's for real. Matthew's DEFINITELY the one.

5. Keep it fresh. When you're a multiplatinum artist and songwriting genius, it can be tempting to repeat yourself.

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