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Writer Wars Winner: "What Choice is Given" by whitewingedwolf!

Whitewingedwolf is on a roll; this is the second time her Writer Wars submission has earned your vote as Sparklers' Choice! It's really no surprise, considering her unique ability to turn a prompt on its head and write a story from a perspective the reader never expected. Last week, she gave us glimpse at the conscience of a gun (how does she think of this stuff?!), and her poignant tale shot straight to the top. Click through the slideshow to check out Reid Faylor's chilling illustrated homage, and don't forget to submit your own story for this week's Writer Wars!

–Chelsea Dagger

Topics: Life
Tags: slideshows, sparkler fiction, writer wars, illustrated slideshows

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About the Author

Reid Faylor is a stand-up comedian, cartoonist, writer, and whimsically bearded gentleman living in New York City. He owns a cat named Mr. President. You can follow his tumblr at

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