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25 Signs You're the Beyonce of Your Group of Friends

25 Signs You're the Beyonce of Your Group of Friends

Do you run this mother, or just your group of friends? Read to find out!

1. You don’t leave the house without at least one speck of glitter somewhere on your person. You alternate sparkles on your nails, lips, eyes, buttons, car keys, flip flops, coffee cup, snacks…

2. You change costumes, er, outfits, at least three times a day. Got to keep everyone watching, right?

3. You never forget to remind people where you're from. "Fairfield, Connecticut, in the house!"

4. Every time you win at game night with your friends, you tell everyone to bow down! Actually, whether you win or lose, you make people bow. Whatevah, you’re the best, so who cares?

5. You just got tagged on Facebook and you’d better believe your publicist, a.k.a. your mom, is going to make some calls to get those unflattering pics untagged and taken off the Internet!

6. When asked a yes or no question, a simple, sassy hair flip will answer it no prob.

7. OMG! You and your crush are finally an official item. Do you call your friends up to share the news? No way! You choreograph and write an intensely, beautiful, energetic love song. DUH.

8. Your motto is “Speak softly, walk loudly.”

9. You have the best outfits (mom-made, most of the time) and you never, ever, EVER let anyone borrow them. But your friends can have their own outfits made to match you, if they want.

10. When walking somewhere with your friends, you always insist on being in the middle. (And slightly a few steps ahead.)

11. You don’t know what flats are. Seriously, what are they?

12. You document everything you do with a camera, laptop, and phone, yet your friends think you’re the most guarded person they know. How do you do that anyway?

13. Sometimes, when people see you, they start crying for no reason. Then you feel a little awkward and have to comfort them.

14. The word “diva” is dangerous and should be used sparingly on those who deserve the title.

15. You have never had a bad hair day. Ever. Even when you wear a hat!

16. You win Best Costume every single flipping year on Halloween.

17. The only exercise you need is dancing. All your burnt calories come simply from gyrating, shaking, twerking, jerking, shimmying, and twirling. And the sweat you might make only adds to your shimmery sparkles on your outfit.

18. You never say curse words. But you might sing them on occasion. #Loophole

19. Despite all of your princess tendencies, you are the best at surprising people and giving them amazing gifts! You’re like a glittery, surprise-angel!

20. You don’t know how to walk without swinging your hips and lifting each foot at least six inches off the ground in your stride.

21. Girl power is very, very important to you. It’s just not as important as your boo!

22. You find yourself constantly waving your left hand around, as if you’re drying it off. But it’s just the way your hand is!

23. You invented the game of hard-to-get.

24. You co-founded the game of Sassy But Classy.

25. You have a favorite number. You love this number so much, you might even name your first-born after it. Talk about a future mathlete.

Are you the Beyonce?

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