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Which Literary Genre Are You?

Which Literary Genre Are You?

If you love to read, you probably have a favorite genre. But which genre would you best fit into? Take our quiz and find out!

1. The background photo on your phone most closely resembles...

a. A black-and-white photo of some foreign city.

b. A blurred photo of, well, you're not really sure. But it looks cool!

c. A life-sized model of the TARDIS.

d. A photo of your crush, who may or may not have known you were taking the picture.

e. A sketch of a dragon-griffon hybrid.

f. A horrible selfie that, for some reason, you happen to love—even though it makes you look like you have a triple chin.

2. If you could time travel, you'd visit...

a. Any century that involves the frequent wearing of corsets.

b. The 1920s-30s.

c. Sometime in the distant future, preferably when you can volunteer to colonize Pluto.

d. You prefer not to get caught up in the details of temporal constraints; love, after all, is eternal.

e. Is the Third Age a possibility?

f. The present. You prefer to live in the here and now.

3. Your favorite social network site is...

a. Instagram

b.  Reddit

c. Google+

d. Pinterest

e. Tumblr

f. Facebook

4. If you had to choose between a Vulcan and a pet unicorn, you would...

a. Do some research on the personal background of each before deciding.

b. Attempt to figure out why you're facing this bizarre conundrum.

c. Choose the Vulcan. Duh.

d. Choose the unicorn—it's much more cuddly than a Vulcan.

e. You're not sure. Vulcans are kind of like elves, right?

f. Pinch yourself. You'd never be faced with problem in real life.

5. Your best friend is mad at you. It's probably because...

a. You brought up an argument you had when you were seven, and you still can't agree.

b. Her secrets are coming back to haunt her in the form of a tall, dark stalker and she's understandably stressed.

c. You accidentally broke the zero-gravity chamber he spent the last three years building.

d. His crush turned him down again and he's taking it out on you.

e. She just found out she's the chosen one, and you're not being very sympathetic about it.

f. You're just getting on each other's nerves today. It happens.

6. If forced to marry against your will, you would...

a. Try to live with it. Arranged marriages did work for thousands of years.

b. Sneak around until you find blackmail-worthy material you can use to end your faux-lationship.

c. Throw yourself into inventing; you'll think of something that can fix this.

d. Slowly wallow away. If you can't live for love, why bother?

e. Pretend that everything is way you always wanted it to be. Fake it till you make it, right?

f. Write a memoir. Who doesn't love a good tortured past?

7. Your favorite color is...

a. Dark red

b. Black

c. Green

d. Pink

e. Purple

f. Blue

Now it's time to tally up your results. If you answered...

Mostly As: You are Historical Fiction. You're almost certain you were born in the wrong time period. No one in this century even duels anymore, after all! You tend to be nostaligic and romantic, but not too much; you don't want to completely disregard the facts.

Mostly Bs: You are Mystery. If it involves sneaking around after dark or ransom notes, you're totally in. You love the thrill and anticipation of not knowing what's happening, and you can't get enough of crime shows. You attempt to solve any mystery you come across, even if it's just figuring out who's sending your best friend those anonymous love notes.

Mostly Cs: You are Science Fiction. You're waiting desperately for the day when laser blasters and spaceships are a common thing. You love thinking up new, untested ideas; once you scrounge up some money, you fully intend to start building that wormhole-creator you've been designing since you were eight.

Mostly Ds: You are Drama/Romance. You don't care about the when or the where of things so much as the what—specifically, what will it take to get the main character and her crush together? You're a sucker for a good love story, and you tend to think the best of everything (especially people).

Mostly Es: You are Fantasy. If you could escape this reality, you would. Since you can't, you'll just go on pretending for the rest of forever (yes, we see that Cosplay outfit you've got stuffed in your closet). You tend to daydream a lot. Your world is always full of outrageous possibilities, and you like it that way.

Mostly Fs: You are Non-fiction. You're a realist, and you'd prefer to keep it that way. You don't want to go gallivanting off in some forgotten time period with a magical beast; you've got enough problems to deal with in real life, after all. You'd much rather be someone important than someone made-up.

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