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Forgivable or Unforgivable?: Best Friend Edition

Forgivable or Unforgivable?: Best Friend Edition

Are these biffle fouls worth getting over? You tell us!

1. Your partner-in-crime is late (again!) to meet you before class for your morning orange juice and bagel chat sesh. You’re getting fed up with this tardiness as this talk time is precious to you. Forgivable or unforgivable?

2. You and your favorite have been planning your midnight showing of Catching Fire for months. You have costumes planned out, your finger is on the pulse of buying tickets online, and have a plan to stay awake and caffeinated the next day. Your friendy-friend springs the news on you that she can no longer make it, since her annual picnic with grandma is the next day and she can't be too tired. Forgivable or unforgivable?

3. You and your bestie are at your favorite pizza place. Because you guys are soulmates, you have the same favorite kind: Buffalo Chicken with extra pineapples (it’s delish!). There’s only one slice available at the counter and she gets it AND DOESN’T INVITE YOU TO SPLIT IT WITH HER. Forgivable or unforgivable?

4. Speaking of slices, you see your homeslice looking over her texts. You recognize one that you sent, yet your name is not on it. It just says your number. You ask her why you’re no longer stored as a contact on her phone and she says because she’s trying to get better at learning actual phone numbers. You’re not buying it. Forgivable or unforgivable?

5. You put together an amazing science presentation for class. You designed and made your own costume, as well as props, and set… just to demonstrate global warming! Afterward, you ask your compadre for some feedback on how you did. “Meh,” she says coldly. Forget or forever be mad?

6. You invite your girlie to your favorite superstore to go room décor shopping. You both look for different items around the store and put it all in one cart. When you get to the checkout, you divide it all up to pay separately. You notice she leaves a few of her items in your cart. You don’t want to think she did it on purpose, but it’s possible. Forgivable or unforgivable?

7. Every year on your bosom buddy’s birthday, she gets two tickets to the musical of her choice and you always are her plus one. ALWAYS. This year, she decides to take someone else. Obviously, you cannot begrudge her… it’s her birthday and thus, her choice. But really, to begrudge or not to begrudge?

8. Right after you show your bud your choice for prom dress online, she goes behind your back and buys it first. Forgivable or unforgivable?

9. You and your friend have been wanting to start watching Parks & Recreation for a long time. Finally, you start streaming it on Sunday afternoons together. You find out she’s been watching an episode every night before bed. Now, she’s almost a whole season ahead! Forgivable: Yup or Knope?

10. It’s college dorm selection time! For years and years, you and your number one bud have been planning to room together. As you begin to fill the paperwork to get a dorm together, she tells you that there’s been a change of heart and she now wants to live with a stranger to get the full college experience. You’re crushed! Do you forgive?

11. You have had a crush on the cute smartypants in your AP class for months! Your friend, also in the class, confesses she also has the same crush. Okay or not okay?

12. You and your BFF-zies are at your house hanging with your family. Your brother is being kind of annoying. Your friend tells him, “Stop being so obnoxious!” Oh, no she didn’t! Only you can boss him around! Forgivable or unforgivable?

13. You catch your biffy actually on a date with your McSmarty McCrushy-Crush at the mall. You obviously turn around, run the other way, hide, and watch from a sunglasses kiosk. You can’t believe she didn’t tell you they were dating! Or maybe she’s meeting him to talk you up…. Naaah. Let it slide or let it burn you inside?

How do you feel about these best friend betrayals? Tell us in the comments! We need to know!

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