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12-Year-Old Candy Thief Arrested! (Seriously)

12-Year-Old Candy Thief Arrested! (Seriously)

Sacre bleu.

In Bordeaux, France, where the wine flows, a twelve-year girl was recently arrested for stealing candy. But before you go thinking she's the Jean Valjean of Reese's Cups, this kid was using stolen checks from her neighbor to snarfle (totally a word) all manner of tasty treats from the local bakery and candy store. The grand total of her sugar-mad spree? $3,440! AHH! We are partly shocked, and partly sympathetic—after all, candy is delicious. She's been released into the custody of her parents, who have agreed to pay back the shops. How many lawns do you think she'll have to mow to cover the stolen goods?

And just how much can all that dough buy you, treat-wise? Here are five daunting hauls she could've made away with using her stolen checkbook:

1. 6,445 Baby Ruth bars (!!!!!)

2. 20,379 Blow Pops (candy plus gum equals WIN)

3. 3,122 mini-croissants (she is French, after all)

4. 1,186 16 oz. containers of Marshmallow Fluff (mmmmmm fluuuuff)

5. 905 lbs. of caramels (a perfect weapon AND a perfect dessert)

Via Jezebel.

We don't condone stealing, but we still want to know: how would YOU spend all that candy cash?

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