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Quiz: What Kind of Dog Were You In a Past Life?

Quiz: What Kind of Dog Were You In a Past Life?

Do you ever stare deeply into your pup's eyes and wonder if you're soulmates? Maybe somehow, many lifetimes ago, you were also a canine. Did you ever think of that? Read our quiz and take this notion a little further!

1. Do you like dogs?

b. Meh, I'm more of a cat person.
c. I like them when they belong to other people but I never want one of my own.
d. Of course. They are so sweet and wonderful, but I like people more.
e. No, I really, really don't like them.

2. What do you think is your best attribute?
a. My energy
b. My looks
c. My confidence
d. My patience
e. My loyalty

3. What would your friends and family say is your worst quality?
a. My friends say I'm always bouncing-off-the-walls hyper.
b. Apparently I'm super vain. Whatever.
c. According, to them, I'm way too stubborn.
d. They don't say it, but I'm guessing they think I'm a little boring.
e. My parents say I'm too tough to others.

4.You just got a summer job at a restaurant. What is your favorite part?
a. I love to deliver the food in my car. Yes! Freedom and responsibility!
b. I like greeting people at the door with my charm and smile.
c. I like bossing people around. Get to work, minions!
d. I like serving and bussing tables. Tips are the best!
e. I like answering the phone. People never have to ask me to repeat myself.

5. Which of these lovely ladies would you love to trade places with... for just a day?
a. Kristin Chenoweth
b. Beyonce
c. Chelsea Handler
d. Ellen Degeneres
e. Lea Michele

6. Your mom wants you to spend the day with her. You agree, and hope that _________.
a. cupcakes are involved! Yummy-zone!
b. you two are going shopping for some new socks. You desperately need more colors!
c. she will just let you veg on the couch instead.
d. she likes the new cafe you've been waiting to take her to.
e. you'll get to do a sing-off in the car. Bring it, madre!

7. Yay! Your best friend surprised you with a small gift that you have wanted for a while. What is it?
a. The new free weights you've been eying. Perfect for your workout routine!
b. Some new sparkly nail polish. Glittah time!
c. Some poutine! Yup, your biffle knows how much you love potatoes. (A LOT.)
d. A sweet and cuddly teddy bear to comfort you at night.
e. A book on how to get everything you want by just yelling for it. It's a satire... you think.

How did you do?

Mostly As: You used to be a Terrier. You're full of energy, a little angst, and a lot of determination. Nothing stands in your way and you will go forth for whatever you want, just like this breed of tiny hunters.
Mostly Bs: You were once a Poodle! You're sexy and you know it! Your good looks have gotten you far and you're also very smart, much like these beautifully groomed pooches. Just don't let your head get too big, okay? Okay?!
Mostly Cs: You were a Bulldog. Strong-willed, steadfast, and boisterous, you like yourself and you like your life. Things are comfy and cozy, and if anyone tries to take that away from you, you'll put your fists up. Or just close the door in their face, like the tough-headed bulldog.
Mostly Ds: You were a Retriever. You're beyond loyal, almost too loyal, unbelievably geniune, and kind. Everyone loves having you around because you're the biggest cheerleader in every room. Just don't become too saccharine or you might come off as nutty as your favorite candy bar.
Mostly Es: You were a Chihuahua in a past life. Loud, snappy, and aggressive, you know how to get what you want and you go for yours. People fear you a little, and you kind of like it. You're the least threatening on the outside, but the most intimidating once your mouth opens. You go!

What's your favorite kind of dog?

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