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One More Reason Taylor Swift Is Awesome

One More Reason Taylor Swift Is Awesome

Taylor Swift! Get over here and give us a hug! Is it just us or does Tay Tay seem like she’d be the greatest best friend? She’s famous and beautiful and still down to earth. Case in point: she recently took her crew of friends and dancers, eighteen peeps total, out to dinner in Philadelphia. Not only did she cover everyone’s dinner at Ralph’s Italian Restaurant BUT SHE LEFT A $500 TIP. Yes! Class act, A+, the opposite of a Justin Bieber move.

We just think this is super awesome A) because what young star acts like that? We’re used to bottles being thrown in clubs, urinating in non-appropriate areas, and lighting fires in people’s driveways AND B) we’ve worked in the food service industry and IT STINKS. LIKE THE LEAST FUN JOB YOU CAN HAVE. Especially when you’re waiting on a famous person because they tend to be super needy and entitled. But not our Tay Tay! According to Ron Trombino, the manager of Ralph’s,

“Taylor was very, very nice. The whole group ordered off the menu, whatever they wanted. Taylor had chicken parmesan. It was a very nice experience, very easy. Taylor was really very down to Earth.”

Sigh. I wished more famous people knew that treating the staff who works for them with respect regularly and showing exceptional gratitude occasionally means the world to the people who serve them, their fans, and the general public. The crazy thing is that this sort of deed makes us feel good, and we weren’t even there! Tay Tay bought her friends some dinner, made one lucky waitress’s night and then created a ripple effect of feel-good vibes that reached even the coldest of writers’s hearts. Yay! Tay Tay! You rock.

To put that good deed into perspective: Taylor bought her friends/dancers and $800 meal and left a 62.5% tip (the normal tip amount for exceptional service is 20%). She left three times the standard “great job” tip. And Ron confirms the extra cash by saying:

“Yes, she left a very nice gratuity.”

Hey Tay, can we hang out? Not because we want you to buy us stuff, but because you seem to have a solid character and we like that in our lives? PS You’re the best.

[via Crushable]

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