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Different Types of Dude Friends

Different Types of Dude Friends

You’re a girl. He’s a dude. You’re best friends. Some people say guys and gals can’t be friends, that’s it’s like against their DNA or something, but we know that’s not true. We’ve had all types of bro-friends and, sure, some of them had romantic undertones, but not all of them. We like to think that guy-pals come in a variety of shapes and size with a rainbow of feelings from romantic to purely fraternal, that’s why we made Different Types of Dude Friends: A User’s Guide.

1. The Hopeless Romantic: He’s always pining for someone. Desperately caught up in some crush or romance melodrama. He needs your constant opinion on texts and Facebook wall statuses. At some point in your friendship you discover he used to be like this for you, but got over it pretty quickly when he decided there was no chance and a sea of girls to agonize over. Now he sees you as the knower of all female-hidden-messages and he’s constantly bugging you for input.

2. The Funny Dude: He’s been your neighbor for years and you always seem to get placed in home room together. He’s sarcastic and hilarious and seems to have a ton of fun entertaining you and your lady friends. He has a crush on one of your friends but whenever you ask about it, he turns red and stops talking. He doesn’t want advice or help from you, he just wants to see if his new joke will double you over in laughter or not.

3. The Stud: Every girl you know has had a crush on him at some point and he’s totally clueless about the attention. You think it’s funny, but the other females in your life don’t get the joke. They want you to hook them up, and they want it now. You’ve never developed a crush on him, because why join that crazy competition? And it seems that he’s never had a crush on you either, because, well, did we mention he’s clueless? He might be the easiest friend you have, besides all the drama it causes in some of your female friendships.

4. The Older Brother: Your parents are friends and you’ve known each other since you were kids. He treats you like a little sister; definitely not someone to date. You can go to him when you need help or a ride home from school, but not with any boy problems.

5. The Younger Brother: One day some kids were picking on him in the cafeteria and you stood up for him. Ever since he turns to you as a knower-of-all-things-High-School. He can get annoying but for some reason you’re compelled to look out for him. Also, he is the best secret keeper. Something about him putting you on a pedestal keeps his lips sealed.

6. The Social Outcast: He’s a nerd or geek or something that exists outside of the norm. One day he saw you reading Game of Thrones on the bus and immediately launched into a conversation about the weather on the continent of Westeros. He’s introduced you to some weird bands and books and you’ve introduced him to appropriate social behavior. You both see it as a platonic and symbiotic friendship. However, this relationship has the sometimes-tendency to turn into a #8.

7. Your Secret Crush: You’ve harbored a crush on him for years. YEARS. But it’s never felt like the right time to bring it up. He’s funny and cute and totally gets you. Sure, you could tell him, but what if that ruined the friendship? As far as you are concerned, you’re happy to keep just being friends until the time is right or you get too frustrated to stand it; whatever comes first.

8. His Secret Crush: You know he likes you. You’ve known since seventh grade, but what are you supposed to do? Are you supposed to say “Hey, I’m not into you like that!” when he offers you half his PB&J? He’s never even brought up his feelings! I mean sure he’s hinted about it, but if you said something it would be the most presumptuous thing ever. You’re happy to hint “not a chance” back to him and enjoy the friendship, because, well, he is a great friend! You just hope that a majority of that friendship is real and not put on because of his romantic aspirations.

9. The Couple: You two have been inseparable since you met. He knows everything about you and vice versa. All our friends think you date and your parents are constantly asking about the other one. You're best friends and you know that if you started dating anyone, it would ruin everything between you two. You two act like a couple, but for whatever reason, (nerves? fear? who knows?) neither of you have ever been able to make the move. A part of you thinks that you’re soul mates and you just need to hold out until adulthood when you can finally be together.

So can guys and girls be friends? What type of guy friends do you have?

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