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Sparklers, this week’s Friday Awards are dedicated to one of our very favorite Sparkitors—Chelsea Dagger! There were quite a few comments about her awesomeness this week, and naturally comments about awesomeness tend to BE awesome, which led to those comments earning Friawards!

Now, in honor of Ms. Dagger, all of the awards given out today will be in ALL CAPS. Hold onto your butts!

wicwacwoe gets the BEST COMPLIMENT EVAAAAAAR award for this comment on Chelsea’s post about Lea Michele’s 20 Most Gorgeous Looks:
You should make Chelsea Daggers's 20 Most Gorgeous Looks.

soccer2rules<333 gets the BEST HAT-TIP TO CHELSEA’S SWEATY GLORY award for this comment on our post about ways to stop sweating (not including deodorant):

I thought it would be Chelsea Dagger to make a post about deodorant because she sweats so much.....but hey maybe a kind friend wants to help her out

true friends stick together esp in a post about sweat

[pun intended]

Thirdly and lastly in our Dagger-themed portion of awards is Wendelin_the_Weird, who receives the SPEAKER OF TRUTH award for this insightful comment about Finnick not wearing a shirt:

chelsea can have as many boyfriends as she wants (:

And now HolyCowPatties get a special awesomeness award, as she posted a TON of awesome comments this week. I can only pick one to spotlight, but it was SO HARD TO JUST PICK ONE. She gets the DUH, BEST PICK-ME-UP award for this insightful addition to this uber-useful post about how to recover from a bad day:

Why is visit Sparklife and make witty comments not on this list!?!?!?!?!

timey_wimey_stuff gets the EHRMAHGAWD WE LURRRRVE PUNNETT SQUAREZ prize for this deeply detailed comment regarding the possibility of werewolfiness on the post announcing the royal baby:

It's less a "Are Kate's genes dominant" and more of a "is the werewolf gene dominant".

Assuming Kate is 0% werewolf and Will is 100% werewolf (wherein non-werewolf is a dominant gene "W"), the Punnet square is as follows:




As the non-werewolf is the trait expressed, the child is a carrier (Expressed as Dd, where D is the dominant trait), but not werewolf (same chart, opposite results apply if werewolf trait is dominant). If one parent is a carrier of the werewolf gene, the child has a 25% (75% if werewolf trait is dominant) chance of being werewolf; both parents carrier, 50%. If both parents are werewolves, kid don't stand a chance.

...I probably over-analyzed your comment very much. I'll show myself out.

Finally, TheGlassCat wins a BIG OLE BUCKET OF LOVE for her super-sweet Sparkler post thanking us for the crowns! And masterofthenight gets a PUNNY HONORABLEST MENTION for this comment on that post:

Sparkitors are the crown jewels of the internet.

Awwwwww, we’re blushing. See our cheeks? They are ON FREAKING FIRE. Thanks a lot, you guys. Now our faces are combusting.

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to make someone’s face combust!

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