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10 Reasons We Can't Stop Watching Geek Girl Anthem "Nothing To Prove"

10 Reasons We Can't Stop Watching Geek Girl Anthem "Nothing To Prove"

The Doubleclicks' (best band name in the land) are fed up with geek girl discrimination and deniers so they made this amazing video with bunches of other geeky ladies who feel the same way. Here's why we can't (and refuse to) look away.

1.  Firstly, the song "Nothing to Prove" is catchy, well-written, and endearing in a tough, "we're-not-gonna-take-it" way.
2. It's hard to find a more polite "Haters are gonna hate" song than this. Manners for the win!
3. The men in this video are awesome, nice, and sensitive dudes who GET IT. FOXY.
4. Some of the signs talk about the geeky girls of future generations. It brings tears of joy to our eyes to think about all the cosplayers and Lost fans who aren't even in this world yet! Someone get us a tissue!
5. Despite some of the discouraging messages written on the signs, the video ends on a very positive and enlightening note. There's hope for geek girls everywhere!
6. This awesome girl who stands up for Asian geeks. She's rad, guys.
7. You can still submit your own signs at
8. The saxophone solo is rad as heck and gives us goosebumps.
10. How is discrimination for liking something even a thing? Has it really come to this? Thank you The Doubleclicks! We needed this, especially during Con season!

[Via Jezebel]

What do you think about the "fake geek" label?

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