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Four Things That Would Bug Will Smith Worse than Willow's Latest Video

Four Things That Would Bug Will Smith Worse than Willow's Latest Video

Will Smith is a notoriously cool dad, which is surprisingly to...officially no one. After all, this is a dude who literally penned a song titled Parents Just Don't Understand—clearly he's got ideas about what works and what doesn't when it comes to laying down the law with hair-whipping youngsters. That's why this story about Will flipping his lid when he finally saw Willow's new video for her song Summer Fling seems a little eyebrow-raising to us. Sure, the video is a tad, how do we say, racy given her age—but it's certainly got her fans talking. That alone seems like something master-promoter Will and rocker-wife Jada would be all about.

While we doubt Will is really kicking up much fuss about the vid, we have no doubt there are other things that would legitimately incur his wrath. For your consideration, here are some of the biggest offenders:

1. Gettin' Your Parody On. Parents Just Don't Understand? More like WILL SMITH Just Don't Understand! Oh sure, he'd smile and nod along as Willow debuted this mocking take on her father's famous track, but nobody likes being slapped in the face with an ironic take on their own hit song. Especially when it's their kid doing the slapping.

2. Destroying His Magical RV. Do you know about the magical RV Will Smith uses on movie shoots? It's no Magic School Bus, and he's no Miss Frizzle, but still—the thing is massive! And totally tricked out! Can you imagine him parading over to said vehicle and finding it in flames, Willow giggling beside it, saying "You've just been punk'd"? We're furious at her even thinking about it.

3. Dissing Independence Day. Picture it: A young Willow Smith chilling out with her dad, watching some late-night TNT, when they announce the line-up: an Independence Day marathon. Before Will can smile humbly, Willow's rolling her eyes and changing the channel. Even if you aren't Will Smith, to change the channel AWAY from Independence Day is sacrilege anyway you slice it. Bill Pullman for president, you guys.

4. The Fresh Princess. We're all for remakes, but some of the classics should be left classi. This totally applies in the case of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Although, on second thought, what with Jaden Smith remaking The Karate Kid, this might not be an issue. In which case, we support and approve of Willow taking over her dad's role in a reboot—provided it's not a dark, edgy reboot.

What do you think of Willow Smith's new video?

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