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10-Year-Old and 8-Year-Old Get a Book Deal

10-Year-Old and 8-Year-Old Get a Book Deal

They say that everyone has a book [deal] in them, but maybe you have several! Ten-year-old Isabelle Busath and her 8-year-old cousin, Isabella Thordsen, have found themselves on the road to author status after losing a self-penned tome, the "Little Book of Rules," in a Wal*Mart, and getting the local Fox news station to help track it down. The girls' wisdom, to be published by Simon & Will Schuster, includes such nuggets as "Go to bed early if you have dance in the morning" and "Don't color on people."

While this is sound advice—many a Monday night online chat session has ruined a Tuesday robot dance—some are criticizing the girls' fast track to published life advisers. After all, at 8 years old, my entire stock of life advice was rather tiny compared to the freight train's worth of wisdom I had acquired at the geriatric age of 14, consisting at the time of such argyle gems as:

  • Don't run over the sprinkler when you have flour in your pockets.
  • Accentuate your natural beauty with twenty neon ribbons and three sets of teddybear necklaces.
  • If you and your S.O. are having trouble communicating, drop a waterbomb on his head.
  • The key to a healthy diet is eating something from all the Starburst families.
  • Teeth? You'll get more.
  • Take off any loose jewelry and elbows before getting the trampoline.
  • The perfect gift for that special someone ... is always macaroni glued to a paper plate.
  • What boobs?
  • Face your fears from underneath a comforter.
  • "Mooooooooooooooooooooooom!"
  • Everybody wets the bed :/

Speaking as a cohort of Sparkitors and Sparklers who have, if not published a book, ghost-written books for other people, it's not usually as easy as scribbling down a few thoughts in a spiral notebook (unless you're a Plastic). More often, it takes a few years of throwing away your notebook in disgust ("This is rubbish!"), which of course the Isabella(e)s could have been doing. Either way, we love books and we think it's great whether you're reading books, writing books, eating books, or gluing disembodied books onto a craft box.

Don't color on us.

What do you think of Isabella and Isabelle's writerly success?

[via Jezebel]

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