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What's Your Blues Musician Name?

What's Your Blues Musician Name?

Lead Belly. Muddy Waters. Bo Diddley. Unless you’re a huge fan of blues, you’re probably not familiar with these guys. You may not know their names, but their music built the foundation of rock 'n' roll. That catchy Ram Jam song, “Black Betty,” was first made popular by Lead Belly, who also had a big fan in Kurt Cobain. Classic rock bands took inspiration from Muddy Waters, who wrote “Rollin’ Stone” and “You Shook Me.” And we can’t forget that Bo Diddley beat. Their names are almost as great as their music, which makes blues musicians the perfect source for some rockin’ monikers! Just follow the steps below to discover your blues musician name.

Nickname: Follow the instructions that correspond to the instrument you’d most like to play (or is your favorite to play).

Accordion: Choose a nickname that's also an instrument.

Banjo: Use a nickname that's also a genre of music related to blues, like Boogaloo, Americana, or Ragtime.

Bass guitar: Choose from Buddy, Smokey, Minnie, or Polly.

Cello: Choose a Southern state, such as Mississippi, Tennessee, or Texas.

Clarinet: Choose from Little, Big, Tiny, and Slim.

Drums: Use the name of an inanimate wooden object, like Washboard, Doorknob, or Broomstick.

Flute: Choose from Howlin’, Ramblin’, Whistlin’, and Rockin’.

French horn: Choose a nickname that has to do with your hair, such as Curley, Red, or Blondie.

Guitar: Use a nickname that deals with age, like Baby or Ole.

Harmonica: Choose from Pharaoh, Tex, Boots, and Chummy.

Harp: Choose a nickname that involves weather, like Lightnin’ or Rain Cloud.

Organ: Use a nickname that relates to height, such as Shorty or Beanpole.

Piano: You don’t need no stinkin’ nickname! Cruise on down to the next step!

Saxophone: Choose from Pee Wee, Bix, The Kid, and Pancho.

Tambourine: Use a family-related nickname, such as Ma, Pa, Auntie, or Uncle.

Triangle: Choose a nickname that's also an animal, like Rabbit or Moose.

Trombone: Choose a name that relates to nature, such as Stump, Tree, or Pinetop.

Trumpet: Use a city as your nickname, like Memphis or Tallahassee.

Tuba: Choose a nickname that describes your personality, like Sleepy or Chatty.

Ukulele: Use a food-related nickname such as Barbecue or Lemon.

Xylophone: Choose from Phantom, Ziggy, Yardbird, and Doc.

First Name: Follow the instructions that correspond to the month your dad was born.

January: Choose from Ace, Willie, Irma, and Arvella.

February: Use a name that rhymes with your nickname.

March: Choose a name that starts with a G.

April: Use Elwood, Otis, Maggie, or Ruby.

May: Choose from Jimmy, Duke, Wynonie, and Bessie.

June: Get creative, and choose any name that strikes your fancy!

July: Choose from Buster, Peetie, Hazel, and Lottie.

August: Use a name that rhymes with your real last name.

September: Choose a double-barreled name, like Ella Mae or Charlie Ray.

October: Use Sam, Gus, Ida, or Mae.

November: Who needs a first name?! Not you! Continue on to the next step!

December: Choose from Clarence, Louis, Gladys, and Lucille.

Last Name: Follow the instructions that correspond to your favorite blues musician(s).

The Blues Brothers: Use Sims, Carr, Gray, or Hart.

Ray Charles: Use a last name that is also related to boats, like Cannon or Bilge.

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Choose from Scruggs, Dupree, Sykes, and Pryor.

John Lee Hooker: Choose a last name inspired by a beverage, such as Tetley or Coffee.

Lead Belly: Choose from Musselwhite, Nighthawk, Butterfield, and Weathersby.

Eric Clapton: Use either Hatfield or McCoy.

Howlin’ Wolf: No last name for you! Just use your nickname and first name!

Muddy Waters: Choose a last name with the “Mc-“ prefix, such as McTell or McGee.

B.B. King: Use Blackwell, Perkins, Merriweather, or Rainey.

Miles Davis: Choose a last name that's also an occupation, like Carpenter or Butler.

Nat King Cole: Choose a last name that's also a common Southern crop, like Cotton or Greenbean.

Bo Diddley: Find a last name that is also that of a Dr. Seuss character, such as Bicklebaum or Sneelock.

Lightnin’ Hopkins: Use a last name inspired by nature, like Waters or Meadows.

Blind Willie McTell: Choose from Sundown, Witherspoon, Stackhouse, and Copeland.

Other: Use Wheatstraw, Lockwood, Townsend, or Lipscomb.

“I don’t listen to blues or jazz”: Smith. Just plain ol’ Smith.

*If you dream of playing piano, your dad was born in November, and your favorite blues musician is Howlin’ Wolf…being a blues musician just isn’t in the stars for you. Sorry.

What's your blues name?

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